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Among The Sleep (2013)

Among The Sleep Cover

When we’re younger, the world of reality and imagination seem much closer than they truly are. As we get older the dark may not scare us as much, or if it does, we know better than to think a monster is lurking in the depths of the darkness, ready to lash out and carry us away. Among The Sleep, a daring game being produced by Krillbite Studio, based in Norway, that will take us back to that age of our lives where everything could be a reality and the state where we are at our most vulnerable.

Among The Sleep is a first person horror game where players will be able to control a two year old child, who after being put to bed, wakes up to discover the house is no longer safe, instead creatures and obstacles will test players as they try to survive the night.

This game is currently scheduled for release in 2013 for Microsoft Windows & Mac.


Alpha Demo Playthrough

Latest News

– (May 18th 2013) Among The Sleep’s Kickstarter campaign has now finished with their target met and exceede. Check out the official campaign page here –

– (April 18th 2013) Among The Sleep’s Kickstarter campaign is now live, with a goal of 200k, lasting for a month.

– (January 18 2013) Krillbite has released further concept artwork and screenshots of Among The Sleep.

What We Know

  • First Person Horror taking control of a two year old.
  • Obstacles and Creatures will supposedly challenge your creativity.
  • Setting is in a household.
  • The game is stated to last around 4 hours.
  • Puzzles and adventure elements present.


  • The recurring presence of a teddy bear, may mean that gameplay wise, the teddy bear may help us ward off evil spirits.
  • The world will shift and is full of more imaginary settings tying in with the vivid imagination and world of a young child.

Ongoing Commentary

Among The Sleep is a very daring game being produced and I’m sure that some controversy will follow due to the nature of the game, where a child is put into danger. Though we have to see whether the kid will or can suffer any physical harm, many will point out that pitting a child into a dangerous world (seriously, when was the last time you played as a two year old in any game?) isn’t something that should be done. I disagree.

The indie horror market is living what I consider a golden age, where creative restrictions are non existent as small game developers experiment with new ways a game can be told or played, Among The Sleep is a promising game where if Krillbite manage to pull it off, we could be looking at a new gem in horror gaming and open new scenarios to how gaming can be told.

Creatures lurking...

Creatures lurking…


ATS Gallery

Official Website –

Official Krillbite Blog –


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