Where Am I? Review

Where Am I? Is a free indie horror game made by the creator of the popular Slender, Mark ‘Agent Parsec’ Hadley during a Ludum Dare, where developers have 48 hours to create a game matching the chosen theme. Where Am I? Is the result of this competition.

You’ll finish this game in about 5 to 10 minutes and with no storyline, no menus, no weapons, no true objectives, this game still accomplishes its goal of making those few minutes you spend with it absolutely nerve-racking.

The premise is simple; first person perspective, you’re placed into a small squared room, with one light source hovering overhead, you find the passageway to the next room and walk down a short corridor to get there. And that is all there is to it until you get to the last room. Doesn’t sound like an awful much, right?

The journey begins...

The journey begins…

This is where the genius comes in. You’ll walk through a few rooms until you’re looking down a long passageway going through many rooms. You start walking, the only sounds your footsteps, when suddenly the music kicks in.

This is the moment when your heart starts beating and you start worrying. Chimes, ominous piano keys, whispers, breathing all play at random, raising your nervousness.

As you start noting the screen turning grainy, you’ll walk into rooms with no passageways then when you spin around the one behind you is gone leaving you with a sense of claustrophobia as you quickly run to the light, almost instinctively as even though it serves no purpose, the presence of light is always associated with warding off evil spirits.

Those long passageways are the worst...

The longest passageways, heart racing…

And that’s what I think this game does best. Rooms will seemingly transform, this game forces you to doubt yourself and make yourself unsure of whether you’re letting the game get to you or whether the game is actually messing around with you. You may start to think you’re seeing things as it gets difficult to see, increasing the fear of a danger close by. The fear something may happen to you at any moment until the very end, despite nothing to suggest such a thing will happen, is a testament to the great atmosphere and mood this game is able to transmit to the player.

To anyone who wonders how it all ends look away now – for it’s basically a screamer. The screen will become so grainy that you’ll be stuck in a final room when a white masked man leaps out at you and it is game over.

A very short experience but it is one that will have you in need of rest to relax after finishing and this game is a great way to scare any friends, just to see their reactions on their first play through as they walk from room to room, with no clue what to expect.

– P&C –

Pros – For what it is, it’s a nerve-racking experience which delivers what great horror should do – a good scare.

Cons – Once played through, nothing more to it.

– Lupo Meter –

Fear – Accomplished with the minimal approach, shifting passageways and the screamer may shock you.

Sound – Music is the key as when it sets it, the tension begins.

Horror – A very, very simple concept which actually works well due to its total simplicity.

World – Simple grey and black rooms, the darkness and lights is all there is in this game. It works.

Final Words

Where Am I? Is a successful experiment on how barely any information and with virtually nothing in the virtual world, can still terrify you even briefly. You’ll enjoy (in a horror sense) the experience for what it is and if you thought the knowledge of what happens would make it less stressful on a second play through, be warned. Where Am I? Will still manage, in just a few minutes, to make you feel vulnerable and scared, horror at its purest.

Where Am I? is available to play at http://www.parsecproductions.net/games/whereami.html


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