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The House (2005)

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The House is a browser horror game concerning an abandoned house where the entire family back in 1970, committed suicide. It is up to you to investigate and discover the truth of the events that transpired that ill-fated night.

The House Title

The House is a web horror game (link available below), produced by Sinthai Studios, The House is a short point and click adventure as you seek to unravel the mystery at hand. You are given five rooms to investigate; they are the dining room, bathroom, kitchen, living room and the corridor.

You are then given normally two different items to interact with in each room, each one triggering a scene or informing you on events that transpired towards the night in question. The game does a good job of introducing you to the game as menacing pianos play over and over, which works well at first though if you take some time in figuring out the first room, it may prove irritating more than anything.

The game is symbolic of the causes of death, such as the first room, being the dining room, you pick up a picture drawn by a child depicting a brother and sister with their two parents. You click on the four members of the family, until a ball falls into the room. Interact some more and the ball will pop and so will the picture morph into glass and smash, the hole going right through the boy’s head. The House doesn’t explicitly tell you the causes of death and it is up to you to piece everything together.

The first of many clues...

The first of many clues…

Gameplay is simply clicking on one item then moving back and forth as each interaction changes, though sometimes it felt or nothing would change or the game would hold out on the next interaction to get you with a jump scare, which are less effective than the ones which seem to happen at random.

Each room has its certain uniqueness. One room you may hear thunder, the other you hear nothing more than water dripping or the sound of a ticking clock. It creates a good atmosphere and once you get closer to finishing each room, your heart beat increases before you discover the fate of each family member and due to the real photos used, it adds an extra sense of eerie and some content is best not for those with a weak heart.

– P&C –

Pros – Genuine creepiness of it all, events unravel well.

Cons – Gameplay mechanics, unsatisfying conclusion.

– Lupo Meter –

Fear – You will make yourself jump playing this game.

Sound – Sounds are disturbing and with headphones on, makes it that more terrifying.

Horror – Family commits suicide, investigate the old abandoned house… Though the twist was a pleasant surprise.

World – Not for the faint hearted. Some objects you’ll have to interact with help create fear.

Final Words

The House makes you feel you’re inside the very house you’re investigating, though a moment or two (the ending is laughable) ruin immersion. If you’re a fan of point and click, you’ll probably enjoy The House though if you need more interaction and action, choose another title.


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