The House 2 Review

The House 2 is the sequel to Sinthai’s Studio’s ‘The House.’ Once again, a house has been abandoned for decades after a couple along with their daughter and maid all committed suicide. Since then no one has dared enter the house…until now.

Once again, the house beckons...

Once again, the house beckons…

The House 2 is a point and click game and just as with its predecessor, you’ll investigate five different rooms (this time being the living room, bathroom, bedroom, working room and finally the safe room) to discover the truth on the suicides that took place. You start your way literally forcing yourself into the house to find yourself in the first room.

The mechanics are the same as The House though this time round there are many more items to interact with, each one just like last time being a piece to the puzzle in solving the mystery. They work well themselves adding to the horror such as the case in turning on a music box in the bedroom, you’ll soon live to fear interacting the very objects you need to move on.

Just as was the case before though you may find yourself clicking on items with nothing happening and this time round the environments are much darker which actually hinders play as sometimes new items, notes I’m looking at you, appear in probably the darkest and worst places to place them, making finding them annoying as opposed to fun.

The sound effects this time around are much more clearer, higher quality and on point and its the sound effects which will scare you the most, as whispers of ‘under the bed’, creaking wood and broken fuses all add that much more to the House 2.

Note, notes, notes, house is full of notes.

Note, notes, notes, house is full of notes..

The household this time around, unfortunately, is rather bland compared to its predecessor. The design of the rooms and items doesn’t have that creepy vibe to it, where I was terrified of one of the dolls in the last game, no item this time round made me queasy. The rooms are also uninspired with a repeat of the bathroom (second room again, thunder) and a boring last room compared to the horrific corridor in the last game, it doesn’t take away too much from the experience, though I felt myself more at ease looking at the screen compared to the first.

Once again, I liked how The House 2 forces you to figure out what happened in the house and not paying attention enough means you’ll have to confront those fears once again upon reaching the final room. A horror game that punished those that don’t pay attention are the signs of a good horror game, if used well. With all four rooms playable again once you reach the last, you may be in for another visit to the other rooms, though it shouldn’t take too long to finish this game.


Pros – Sound Effects on point, more interaction, solving the plot yourself.

Cons – Rooms and items aren’t as inspired, bland ending again and bad item placement

-Lupo Meter-

Fear – Several moments will have you jumping.

Sound – Sound effects are pretty much on point here, minimal music, work well.

Horror – Story more interesting though it’s been done so many times.

World – Not as creepy as the first.

-Final Words-

The House 2 is a follow-up which, while expanding on a few things which were weaker in the previous installment, such as number of interactions, sound effects and finishing the game, other areas falter such as the design of rooms and items along with repetition of certain elements. The House 2 should be played if you enjoyed the first or are a fan of point and click, otherwise another horror awaits you.

This game is available to play at

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