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Routine (2013)


Routine is a game being developed by Lunar Software. A self proclaimed, 80’s vision of the future, along with the audio and visuals, players will find themselves on a Research Station on a lunar base, as you seek to discover what has happened to everyone’s sudden disappearance.

What We Know

  • No Hud, health bar or point system.
  • Fully explorable Moon base.
  • A Perma Death system
  • Cosmonaut Assistance Tool is our weapon and can be upgraded as more floppy disks are found.
  • Randomized ai locations, environmental hazards and aids.

Ongoing Commentary

Routine is a non linear first person survival horror game, where you must uncover the truth to the sudden disappearance of all those who are on the Lunar Base. Now Dead Space comes to mind when looking at Routine and horror games out in space. But from the information and video, Routine seems to promise an experience of its own.

The first thing that comes up in the info for Routine is the perma death system that Lunar Software are promising. Essentially, there are no multiple lives and no health bars, once your dead, it seems your dead. If this is the case, we could be looking at a game that will be nail biting, as you dare not push your limits in fear of losing everything. It’s a good mechanic and especially in a horror game, the sense of dread is only increased in this respect. Still, how it will be implemented has to be shown.

The idea given is that this game will follow the style of Amnesia, where instead of being encouraged to attack, players are encouraged to hide from enemies. Until more info is released, we can’t truly expand on much else.

Floppy disks will have to be found to improve the probable main weapon the player has; the Cosmonaut Assistance Tool. This weapon could prove to be constantly modifiable and could prove interesting once we have more news.

The Official Site –

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