Uin Guide

Here is the full on guide to Uin. Any who do not wish their experience to be ruined, look away now as spoilers follow.

This Guide should be used along with the Walkthrough (coming soon) to get the most complete information on how to playthrough Uin.

1. Animals 2. Characters 3. Items 4. Abilities

1. Animals

2. Characters



Though his name is never given, the main character of Uin appears to be a simple boy, who seems very confused at the whole situation and appears to be weak of character. It is up to you to help him find a way to escape and return to his world.
Saxophone Guy

Saxophone Guy

The Saxophone Man is the first somewhat human being you meet. He will need you to retrieve for him his saxophone, which he’ll reward you by giving you the Push ability, before playing his saxophone. He sells map pieces, six in total and each one revealing a heart piece, each for 100 gold. His shadow can be seen in the death screen though any significance between the two is obscure.

Monsieur Fish

Monsieur Fish

Chilling in the underwater world, this being awaits Uin to play a game. He can be missed during a playthrough, as he can only be found on completing the maze, go down and take your first left, where he’ll be floating waiting for you. This small game is a strange break from the game as four clams are shown before you, as is an oyster that is hidden under one of them. After they have spun round, guess which Clam hides the Oyster and you gain a level. For every correct guess, you’ll gain a level, the higher your level the more gold can be exchanged with him, resetting your level counter. Beware though, one wrong guess and the level counter is reset.

ScientistScientist Portrait

The scientist can be found desperately looking for his wife in his Space Station. He asks for your help, even supplying you with one of the tools to do so and once you have found his wife, he will thank you and somehow, through means unexplained, manages to fix the cupboard for you to get back home.


Wife PortraitThe Wife is the key to the whole game and is your way out. She influences many of the events in the game, albeit unknowingly. Uin must find her for the scientist to bring him back and he will find her through the door in the death screen, after clearing every Animal. She states how she has been trapped a long time, as evidenced by her forgetting how to use her legs, playing the same tune over and over and clearly suffering from amnesia. The Brother states to Uin not to touch her and when he confronts Father over why he did, he receives no answers.


Father Portrait

Once the game is over, you go to check on your father, who is ill and supposedly dying. The T.V screen will display the same face that was used for the chest unlocking mini game. Talking gibberish and in short sentences, the TV unexpectedly explodes, killing him. To which Uin, in one of gaming’s most epic reaction to a death says “..oh geez..”.

3. Items

After defeating the Doll Boss, she will drop a doll which once acquired, should be shown to the Brother when he’s on his bed to continue the journey.

These keys are found right before the confrontation with your brother. Acquiring these keys allows you to visit the fourth stage of Uin and to progress in the journey.

Can be found by digging in the first stage, in the disturbed earth in the area right before the first chest and is needed to progress. Once found return it to Saxophone Man to continue on your journey.

Each map costs 100 gold piece each and there are six to be acquired, only from the Saxophone Man. The map pieces are displayed in the menu screen and show enlarged areas of the background. If you find the spot where the map is indicating, you will acquire a heart and an extra health bar.

4. Abilities

This ability is acquired after clearing out the underground in the first area of Tarsier’s. Once obtained you can now dig at any area and find gold coins as well as hearts.


Once returned the saxophone, you will obtain the power to push items. Push items by getting close and pushing shift to push the item in both directions.

Double Jump
Once you finish the area on the boat, you will acquire double jump. Just push the up button twice, allowing you to complete your journey.
A simple one shot, fire hit, which will absorb the Animal once defeated. Quite fast but with a long charge time, unless your underwater or flying, this is your basic weapon.
The second weapon and only upgrade in this sense, the Obliterate power is very different from the previous one. Obtained after clearing the first world, if you press shoot, an electrical sphere will shoot out from above you. To control the direction of the sphere, press the left and right buttons to guide the sphere. I can only say to practice once this ability has been gained to better understand how to control it as mastering Obliterate to a certain level is required in the last area.



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