Uin Special HS

Hello everyone to the Uin Special High Scores Page.

Once you have fulfilled certain requirements in the game, you’ll unlock the Special option on the main menu, allowing you to play Uin’s minigame, controlling the Brother as you fight the fish, while protecting your statue.

Lupo would like to issue a challenge to all those who have beaten and unlocked the Special mode of Uin. We want you to send in your highest scores and see if you can beat our record of…

Uin Special HS


So do you dare try to face the absurdity of the Special minigame and attempt to beat the high score?

To send in your high score, email lupoentertainment@gmail.com with the screenshot of your high score, INSIDE the email. Title of subject should be the following; Uin – Special HS.

All submissions will be ranked and placed onto the Uin Special HS Table below.*

  1. 929 (G) – Lupo – 2W – 2Total – ^


*To understand more on how Tables work, check out the Lupo Guide.


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