Uin Special

Special Mode


You’ll see on the main screen of Uin, that besides the ‘Start Game’ and ‘Continue’ options there is a third named ‘Special’. Now to unlock this special mode, you must follow certain requirements.

  • First begin a new game.
  • Now remember for this is vital, you cannot kill anything at all during this run for doing so cancels the requirements needed.
  • Now, head towards shell at the very left of the first area. Now activate that shell and descend into the lake.
  • Now head left once again and where normally you would see a Nuthach, this time the chick is already there, waiting for you to take off.

Unlock Special Uin 01

  • Now continue on as usual, going through the flying stage and the underwater world, and yes that means going through the maze with only five health bars.
  • Once that is done head towards the right towards the giant fish and enter inside.
  • Now go right towards where you would normally find your brother moping on a bed but this time, he is missing and there you have it. You will be immediately taken to the Special mode, which is a mini-game which’ll be accessible from the main menu from this point onwards.

Unlock Special Uin 02

Special Mode

Unlock Special Uin 03

Special mode is essentially a mini game where you the Brother is playable inside his spacesuit. The area of this minigame is the one that you use to transition between chests during the main game.


The aim of this mini game is simple once figured out. Basically you have to protect the head from any harm, both enemy and friendly fire, using the tools at your disposal. The Monsieur Fish is an enemy in this mode and the only one as they carry their clams on their backs before chucking it at the head.


The mini game differs from the main game.

Firstly, you can’t charge up your ammo as this is done automatically for you. On the right of the screen now are three rows, the first shows your high score, the second your current and the third is the counter of what wave level you are at.

Now the mini game is challenging as you are made to struggle with a constantly depleting health bar, which can be recovered though if a Mole is spawned and he manages to get inside the mouth of the head. If you have two ammo shots, two Mole’s are automatically spawned.

The aim of the game therefore is trying to wisely use your ammo in both keeping yourself alive and defending the head.

The only present enemy is the Monsieur Fish from the main game, who chuck clams towards the head, which have a very far range and indeed, any area around the head, counts as it, so killing them quickly and as far away from the head as possible is essential in the long run.

I hope you enjoy and to check out the Special Mode Challenge.


Up – Move turrets forward

Down – Move turrets back

Left – Move left

Right – Move right

Z – Fire missile

X – Spawn Mole


Keeping true to the insanity of Uin, if you lose the mini game a quick cutscene will play which is shown underneath, enjoy!

Special Uin 07 Special Uin 08 Special Uin 09


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