An Eye On – Sarcia

Sarcia (2013) AEO - Sarcia Sarcia is an indie title created and currently being developed by Michaël Lavoie and Yann Van Der Cruyssen, aiming for a first release in 2013, takes place in a  pixellated, side-scrolling world, in which you awaken, having just been born into existence. From then on, a whole world, filled with rich endless possibilities is in your palms.









Latest News

– The new official site has been launched (link below) and pre orders are coming soon.

What We Know

  • The main character has no voice.
  • There will be many regions to visit. For now, the regions named are;

-The Peak of Nuan’Kor the Red Mountain.

-Miv’Vita the Singing Woods.

-Zim’Orir the White Desert.

-Tela’Nim The City of Flags.

  • There will be different Houses to join.
  • There are enemies, for now only Lost Spirits are named.
  • Sarcia Doors, places in the world that when opened and ventured into can take you into any random Sarcia door throughout the world.
  • Random events, Randomly generated A.I in both appearance and plot they have.
  • There will be crafts to master, seemingly playing a big role in your character’s development.
  • Possible equipment slots are; Voice (instrument) Visage (mask of character) Tool (Related to Craft) Clothes and Accessories.
  • Combine up to four words to perform actions with your Vokah, with secret combinations to be found.
  • Dash, where you levitate and zoom forward at a faster speed then walking, though a change of direction in this state isn’t possible.
  • A, S and D will be controls essential in playthrough.

Ongoing Commentary

The creators of Sarcia claim the project was inspired by games such as Ico, Shadow Of The Colossus, the Zelda Series and Portal. Now if there is one thing these games have in common is bringing you into a world so magical, so amazing, yet it feels so close to home, so relatable. Of course the atmosphere these games bring, whether its loneliness, sense of adventure or the fact that anything could happen, are its strongest points as you become so invested in the world and people in it, leaving them feels like a shame.

This is what Sarcia is aiming for.

Using the RPG maker engine, you wake up in a world to find out you are born and from then on your adventure begins. The creators are promising a different experience each time, such as the place where you are born, to your appearance and to the people you’ll meet, each time will be different, essentially making no two playthroughs ever the same.

The most intriguing aspect is that the world has its own language and you’ll have to slowly understand it as you progress through the world. These are essential in opening doors to progress through the world and calling on spirits such as water ones to aid you, by changing the gaming environment such as making it rain.

This ties to what will probably be the most important tool for the player. Once you wake up, you are given an instrument called a Vokah. Similair to a crystal ball and capable of powers both great and evil, the instrument emits sound waves which react with every characters’ frontal ear, a gem found on their forehead.

The lore in any game can work both ways, you can have minimal lore which has the player fill the imagination of the missing pieces or a full, rich lore where the world feels alive and been alive way before you started playing it. Sarcia seems to already have somewhat of a lore of its game and once it is released, it is how deep and rich it is, that will make me truly feel whether I find myself in this world.

What is quite certain to be minimal is the story. It seems that you will be left to journey at your own will, a game such as Skyrim, leaving you the keys to your own destiny as barely any story telling or handholding for you as you explore the world, fighting spirits, solving enigmas, even joining a House. The game appeals for those who enjoy solving mysteries and puzzles, so for those looking for an intense action game, won’t find it here.

This game was first thought up of as having episodic content, almost like a TV show, released every month or two adding new regions, people etc. Now though the game will take on a more Minecraft approach, with the base game being released with the first part of the world, with following patches and episodes free of charge. The game will be likely to sell for low at first before increasing in price as more content is added to it.

So what more can I say? This game has definitely got our attention and though it has been in development for a while now, 2013 seems to be the right year and I hope it is, for a game such as this, not to see the light of day, would be disappointing.


Official Site –



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