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Outlast (2013)

Outlast Cover

Outlast is a first person horror currently being developed by Red Barrels, boasting a team with experience in games such as Prince Of Persia: Sands Of Time, Assassin’s Creed, Uncharted & Splinter Cell, players will take on a role of a journalist as they break into the Mount Massive Aslyum, recently re opened by a shady corporation and discover the secrets of what is occurring within its walls.

Latest News

– Outlast was playable at PAX East during the 22-24 of March

Ongoing Commentary

Outlast is being developed by people who can claim experience in the industry which makes this title even more interesting and anticipated. This time, moving away from the norm, our protagonist, Miles Upshur, is the one willingly entering the stage of the horror that will follow. Set in Colorado, Miles breaks into the recently abandoned asylum, opened back up by the Murkoff Corporation, which has been operating in secrecy.

So following a tip from an inside source, the game will try to show us the true horror is that which the human mind can conjure. From the trailer we can gather a running infamy with the asylum, which is sure to come up during gameplay. As the trailer shows, which is claimed in game footage, the immersion will surely be a key element as things such as peeking round corners, sliding over obstacles or opening doors, are given extra depth as Miles interacts a lot with the environment.

The game claims inside we will discover will walk a line between science, religion, nature and something else. Indeed these issues may probably be addressed during the game, making us reflect on such issues though this is pure speculation at this point.

The music and atmosphere jump out as well when watching the trailer, navigating the empty halls full of corpses and destruction, Outlast takes a run and hide approach as opposed to confronting your enemies, who you’ll have to run away from and seem to not be your typical slow enemies, these will chase you down and look for you in rooms as you’ll have to use the environment to hide yourself.

Another key feature seems to be the camera, which you’ll use to light up your environment and navigate through those dark areas instead of the typical flashlight. What other uses it may be used for are unknown but with many games starting to have a different take on the iconic flashlight, a camera will be interesting to see in further action.

Keep coming back as Outlast will be followed.

Outlast’s Official Site can be found at http://redbarrelsgames.com


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