Uin Walkthrough – World Two

You’ll now find yourself underwater somehow, there’s no worry as it seems Uin can hold his breath for an eternity, so now you’ll want to swim downwards and take the first left, then head upwards until you find the shell, saving your game which is essential at this point.

Uin Walkthrough 09

Now the next stage is a make and break point of the game. The dreaded coral maze, it is very  difficult and requires, besides a lot of patience and inevitable trial and error, for you to be able to navigate with the minimal amount of mistakes as every health bar is vital, through to the end.

The most testing part of this game and one of the most difficult I've had to navigate through

The most testing part of this game and one of the most difficult I’ve had to navigate through

Now I will do my best to guide you through this following part. So first off ignore the black blobs which appear, they don’t affect you. Now to navigate through the maze successfully, know that touching the coral will quickly deplete your health bar so if you start loosing health, immediately navigate to a safe area so as to limit your losses.

So, swim to the right and get as close to the coral as you can without getting hurt. Now you’ll want to swim upwards, quickly pressing left, then right as you’ll avoid the coral this way by shifting Uin’s body.

Now you’ll be on the top left of the maze. So from here, move right and upwards at the same time in a swerve motion so that you’ll be able to reach the safe pocket, before going slightly downwards and sticking to the far right of the screen.

Now here you’ll want to repeat the same motion as before, this time heading to the left before dropping downwards, this way completing the maze. It’ll take time and practice but once you get the hang of it, you’ll be able to pass through at a higher rate.

The maze complete

The maze complete

Now, be wary for you have to wait a little head right and you’ll see a fish’s head, swim inside and you’ll be able to enter a house where you’ll find your brother, who’ll be angry at you having killed the Animals up until now to get to this point, as well as talk cryptically about a ‘she’ that you can’t have.

Real estate in Uin, inside a fish

Real estate in Uin, inside a fish

Uin WT 15

Now swim downwards. If you take a left you can play a minigame to increase your gold level which is explained in the guide. Once you’ve finished, leave the area and head right, until you find land and keep on heading until you exit the volcano and find a boat awaiting.

Once you get on board, you’ll experience a flight sequence like the one before. Complete this and you’ll have now enter the third world, which will be explained further, by clicking next.*


(Due to a major issue with my PC recently, just about all files concerning the Uin walkthrough were lost, along with much more. I can’t promise for certain when the rest will follow but I aim to bring it as soon as possible.)


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