Lupo Official News 27/3/2013

Hello again everyone

This site is still in the early construction stage but I am glad at the positive response received by you, the readers and I’d like to thank all our followers and any words of support or suggestions for how the site can work better for you, is all welcome. Now below are just listed a few updates and information kept up to date. Lupos Official Email is

*A major error with my computer has not allowed me to keep on working for today on Lupo and the problem should be fixed tomorrow. So very sorry for no new reviews, which are close to publication and Lupo will resume as usual for tommorow. I may be able to publish one piece later and will try to make it so, if not come back tomorrow when Lupo should resume as usual and to make up for today, two new reviews will be out.

  1. Lupo now has an official Facebook page that can be found here Lupo Facebook.
  2. Lupo also has an official Youtube channel at  Lupo Youtube.
  3. Content from both the previous pages may slightly differ from this site.
  4. And for all those who still don’t know we can be found at Twitter also
  5. Lupo has an official gmail at
  6. The planned classic week, where we dedicate a week to a classic game of the past, is still being worked on and the feature should occur by the end of April.
  7. A review for every day of this week is planned so check back daily for a new game*
  8. Titles now display the year that the game was released.
  9. A new upcoming section, tentatively titled ‘Retro Horror’ will focus on games of the past. This feature will soon be live and is currently being worked on, so keep checking for this feature release.
  10. Game pages are constantly being updated so check back for possible extra info, guides or more.
  11. A new section called -Articles- can now be found to the left of the site, containing editorials and pieces.

And finally one last word before I leave. If you know any good horror games that you’d liked reviewed or signalled, don’t hesitate in informing us and your contribution will be greatly appreciated.

So once again, thank you everyone and keep playing what we love best!


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