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Backworlds (TBA) Backworlds Cover Backworlds is a game currently in development by two Swedish people Juha Kangas and Anders Ekermo and gives the player the ability to paint the gaming world, warping it and revealing a Backworld to it, as you try to venture forth, you’ll need to balance  the two words in this ingenious game. So once this game is released, take up the journey with your cat and discover two worlds in this upcoming title.


Demo Playthrough


Latest News

– A demo is available to play from off the official site and the game is still currently being developed with progress being reported on the developers official site.

What We Know

– The creators have stated that they are planning to add the following features in the final release; features such as collectibles, moveable objects, more Backworld mechanics, campaign, achievements, level editor, arcade mode and more features are being worked on, though these ones aren’t stated.

Ongoing Commentary

Backworlds is a game that when you look at it, you think of the saying and debate that games can be art. The best example that comes to mind is Okami, a PS2 game where you control a wolf and you control the world through a paintbrush, creating bridges or attacks that injure enemies. Backworlds takes a similar approach.

You use your paintbrush to paint over the bright and colorful which our protagonist inhabits, revealing a darker world, where objects or moving ladders disappear or objects  that don’t appear in the colorful world will appear. It is a great concept and though difficult to pull off after playing the demo, I can say that I have the utmost faith in the creators in delivering a fluid, exciting and unique experience.

I will explain an instance during my gameplay on how the paintbrush is used during gameplay and how the rest of the game will probably be similar to this instance, with a full campaign promised with many varieties in level design along with a ‘fairy tale’ narrator. Backworlds begins with our protagonist venturing out and it wasn’t long before I encountered the first obstacle; a platform.

This platform would take us to the higher level we needed to go, only to be blocked midway by a branch. So now we wait for the platform to lower just under the branch and swipe it away, leaving a small area for us to jump onto the branch. We rise up on the platform (careful to jump before the area we swiped, for our painting had removed the pulleys)  before leaping onto the small branch.

We turn round, paint back the area and our platform, with branch and pulleys, has returned to our world. This is just one of the moments where we’ll use the paintbrush to morph the two worlds. The feeling I got while playing along with the music which fits the game very well, was that of a game where every playthrough would be different and possibilities limitless. It’s a world that besides enjoying while platforming is one also to admire, due to its beauty and hopefully the paintbrush will soon be in our hands, ready to reveal Backworlds behind this one.


Backworlds Official Site can be found here –


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