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Apotheon (2013)

Apotheon Cover

Apotheon is currently being developed by Alientrap Studio and is a platforming game where the player is taken into the world of ancient Greece, through the imagery of the famous Greek pottery, where environments, objects, allies and enemies all belong to the scrolling world of Apotheon.

Latest News

What We Know

– Besides a single player campaign, players will get to play online deathmatches and team based matches.

– An area confirmed is the Forest, where players will be able to hunt, search for items and interact with the forests inhabitants.

– Main town hub spots are areas where one can trade with merchants and find houses filled with loot.

– Divine powers will be unlockable as you progress.

– The mythology of ancient Greece will be used heavily.

Ongoing Commentary

Apotheon is a game being developed by an already experiences team and they took the fascinating art that you can find on Greek pottery and adopted the style  for the game world.

You are given the role as humanity’s last champion, having to stop the wrath of Hera, who has overthrown Zues and launched a tirade against all mortals and only by controlling the elements and stripping the gods of their power are you sure of mankind’s survival.

The game takes us through this world in a scroller game, but here the graphics stay true to the art on the pottery, making it seem as if these paintings have all come to life and as they and yourself move about, it feels as if you’re watching moving art, so seemlesly and so perfect do they move about, the creators have truly done justice to Apotheon during its development.

Aiming for the middle of the 2013 year, Apotheon wants to take players and bring them into an artful and wonderful world where Greek painting come to life.



Official Site at http://www.alientrap.org/

Alientrap Cover


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