Stasis Cover

STASIS is an ambitious one man project which puts us in the role of John Maracheck, a man who awakens in a seemingly abandoned research facility, with green liquid covering him, leading a trail to one of the many stasis pods. Where is he? What has happened? Where are his wife and daughter? Stasis is the story of this adventure.

Latest News

– John Maracheck has given his first spoken interview to Killer bits which can be found, here.

What We Know

– Though a 2D game, STASIS will use 3D pre rendered graphics.

– Maracheck’s cryogenic suit could change throughout the gameplay to immerse the player into the world more, as well as informing you on John’s physical well being.

– John will be able to scan and interact with objects.

– The plot seems to be divided up into chapters.

– Text seems to be taking on a more narrative style in the descriptions of objects.

Ongoing Commentary

STASIS is a one man project, an adventure game where you’ll have to solve puzzles, use objects to your advantage to explore the many immersive rooms, staying careful of the danger within the shadows.

STASIS takes a different approach and one that’ll remind many of old adventure and puzzle PC titles, with a 2D isometric view of the world, making for a different experience and a reminder of how many games used to look. Objects in the world just like those games can be examined with a click of the mouse and it seems you’ll move your character around this way, as well as access your inventory and other interactions.

It will be up to you to try to protect your family and understand where you’re at and you’ll do that with the help of the Emergency Medical Kit. This is basically your inventory and a powerful tool, able to break down any object in the game to its basic elements. These objects can then be stored and combined with one another, adding a whole lot of variety to gameplay.

STASIS is still in development and though a campaign for funds had not started yet, any support for an interesting title will ensure that we help John find his family.


  • Originally the plot was to follow a space crew stuck on the edge of a black hole and the psychological effects it’d have on the crew members.


The Official Site of STASIS –


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