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A Short Tale Of Solitude (TBA) A Short Tale Of Solitude Cover

A Short Tale Of Solitude is being developed by Phobia Entertainment and takes us into a strange, surreal black and white world, where we’ll follow Sebastian, a ten year old boy during the First World War who is sent to an orphanage after his parents suddenly die.

Latest News

What We Know

– Due to the heavy presence of children in the game, along with the isolation, the book ‘Lord Of The Flies’ was a key inspiration. Other inspirations were the works of H.P. Lovecraft and Edgar Allen Poe among others.

– Possible names of other children are; Lucien, Giosnik.

– Game will probably be divided up into Chapters.

– You’ll be able to customize your sack puppet suit by changing the following; Physical and Mental Strength, Face, Symbol and Shoes.

– You’ll have your Inventory (called Bag) and be able to collect Files.

Ongoing Commentary

A Short Tale Of Solitude is the diary of Sebastian, a sick orphan who after his father died in the war and his wife from the despair of it all, is sent to St. Mark Orphanage in a click and point survival horror slasher adventure. The first thing that sticks out are the black and white non templates which was intentional for this game world. Indeed I find it fascinating and these kind of games which take a different approach are always welcome and with the setting and characters, feels like it works well.

Now the world of Sebastian is a strange one, we don’t know how or why he is sick but the world is through his eyes and it seems everyone is dressed up in a sack puppet, making the game world even more eerie and you’ll be able to customise your very own.

Indeed the rest of the game gives such liberties with many quests and routes to finish the game, each influencing deeply the outcome of Sebastian’s story and each time you play the game and start the adventure, characters that weren’t in one location will find themselves there, making each experience different.

Horror is a key element with the only colour present in this world is red for blood. This means that violent and dangerous situations will be encountered and it is whether the creators can pull it all off and balance all the elements well, without ruining the feel of the game, that will make or break the game.

The orphanage seems to be quite a big explorable world with places such as a theatre and salon present, as well as many rooms but the strangest and feature I can’t wait to learn more about is the mysterious panel, with four levers, each able to handle the scene. What this means and how it affects the world remains to be seen though with what we’ve got already expect it be something that makes this game even more insane.

Hopefully once out, this isn’t too short of a tale to finish, as there is a lot of potential here.


Official Site – http://phobiainteractive.com

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