Community – Moon Cycle

Hello everyone and welcome to the area of the site titled Moon Cycle.

Now what is this  Moon Cycle you may ask? Well, it is hard for anybody of any profession to get an idea at first out there. It’s very difficult to promote your idea and find others who share your vision, while having constant honest feedback.

Lupo wants to help you. To all those aspiring game developers or creators, or even if you know someone as such, listen close. Whether your game is at its earliest stage, where all you’ve got is a concept, drawings or a small demo or if your game is already well underway, Lupo wants to help you promote your game, give it its own presence on the web, give you positive and constructive feedback, Lupo’s personal words and have a medium for your title, here it is.

So, what do you do? If you’d like to send in your title, don’t dare hesitate any longer. Send your title to, along with the following;

  1. The name of your project (Don’t worry if you haven’t decided yet, as long as we can separate it from the rest).
  2. A short bio on yourself.
  3. A short summary of the game.
  4. An image for your game cover (basically to put a picture to the name on Lupo).
  5. Content of the game that you’re willing to show.
  6. Further explanations (if possible) of characters, enemies, settings, objects etc.
  7. What you plan to do with the title, any personal comments, any questions or assistance for Lupo and the community, in other words this is the part where you write down the future of the title and what you plan to do from here on. When sending this part you can specify which questions or such you would want to be published on the site or just to send to Lupo.
  8. Anything else you feel has been left out don’t hesitate to send in. I would gladly accept any further content, it would only show your passion for your vision!

So do this and you’ll have the satisfaction of seeing your creation up on the web, with support and help by people just as passionate as you. Any further questions can be asked via email.

Moon Cycle Titles

(Space N/A at the moment!)


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