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Catequesis (TBA)

Catequesis_wallpaper_01Created by a duo, one of Spanish, the other of French origins, Catequesis is an 8 bit style horror survival game, with 90’s RPGs being the inspiration, which follows Daniel, meeting his girlfriend’s, Sophie, parents for the first time. He discovers her father is victim to an incurable disease, or so it would be unless, with the help of their neighbour Isabel, they perform a religious rite. Something goes wrong as the building is morphed, creatures infest the building and it is up to David to save Sophie and break the curse.

Latest News

– 2nd April – The first teaser trailer has been released.

What We Know

– The game takes elements and is influenced by Japanese horror, the Catholic religion and works of authors such as Lovecraft, David Lynch and David Cronenberg. Ambience feel can be compared to The Legend Of Zelda, Silent Hill and Resident Evil.

– The main characters are Daniel, Sophie and Isabel. Another important character seems to be the Old Woman.

– You will have to venture through the morphed house which transforms into a dangerous unknown place.

Ongoing Commentary

Recently it seems many games are reverting back to the graphics of the older days of gaming, where though the graphics and sounds may have undeniably been nowhere as sophisticated as todays, ultimately graphics can’t make up for poor storytelling, which is a common criticism to the industry. Catequesis is the newest game that will use these graphics,with cutscenes during important scenes, while promising to deliver a strong story and just from the look of the material until now, it sure feels like a game from that era of gaming.

From what the material we have for now can tell us about the game is that it is very likely certain dark or religious themes may be looked into, if not the themes will be present throughout somehow. The game though won-t have you totally defenceless as you’ll be able to defend yourself with a gun against the disturbing creatures you’ll encounter.

What we know of Catequesis now is the material from the site, which while not too much about the game for obvious reasons, a beta seems to be on the way and this is one title that will be followed closely hopefully bringing an enjoyable experience once released so be sure to check back as there is more.

Official Site –


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