The Slender Man Effect

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Why Won’t He Leave Me Alone?

Slender Effect 06

Surf the web, you’ll find many great drawings, videos, stories and a lot more that the fanbase or even casual gamers have contributed towards the Slender mythos.

Now that Slender has established itself into the industry, the Eight Pages now a classic in its own right, so I wonder why is it that Slender became such a hit?

With indie horror gaming in a great period of form, Slender is popular for it is more than a game. It has developed its own mythos with a community, which works well with a horror game, if done and executed well. There is always a certain appeal if you manage to get the look, the feel, the story of a character on point and Slender fits this. Indeed the whole character is basically one of the Internet’s greatest myths and is just human beings what they do best.

In old times myths would usually try to explain the world or explain different actions and such, in a world where everybody is so connected and everything is available on the web, the idea of someone constantly following you, invading your privacy and for no apparent reason (playing on the old fear of the unknown) Slender is able to scare and terrify people for the other reason that such a person could exist in the real world. The idea and fear of a man with a force so great you cannot overpower him, in this day is much more relatable and believable than tales on fairies and werewolves. Slender also has no face, which makes sense for in history, if you didn’t see the face or know the appearance of your enemy, the stories and descriptions are much more likely to be exaggerated and more likely to scare you than bring courage out your courage.

As with many tales, myths and legends, every person has their own idea and opinion on what each character could mean or represent, why the events happened and people like to draw from their own experiences to imagine and describe certain characters. People love to analyse games, whether adventure, horror or RPG you will always find a group of people who look deeper into any game and Slender is no different. Indeed an example that comes to mind is Silent Hill 2, hailed as one of the greatest horror games ever, and while it has been out for a long time now, still has critics and fans wondering and conjuring up different theories on the game’s events. Whether Slender will have a similar lasting power remains to be seen, though I suspect he will stick around, due to people’s attraction and fear at the same time of the unexplained and horrifying.

So while, some may not be as scared as others, some may never pass the first page and this is where the minimal story along with the short time to finish the game, are its greatest weapons for everybody can invest a few minutes in a game like this, unlike others which need and demand a longer playtime to invest in the title, and whether or not you finish it doesn’t matter due to the fact that Slender is ultimately an experience, one that seeks to terrify you.

Slender Effect 08

Slender: The Eight Pages. Hate It Or Love It has become an important horror game.

So horror (not only) gamers and game developers alike, have found a good tool to use for their horror games. Now it can only get better as people start to expand on the original Slender idea bringing new terrifying entities to life along with new areas to get lost in. In the end, the true influences of Slender can only be fully examined after a bit of time has passed, as with any other game, even though it seems Slender has already found us, with no intention of leaving.


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Slender: The Eight Pages is available to download off the official site for free. Slender: The Arrival is available of the official site for a paid price.

*All artwork is the original work of their respective artists. Lupo takes no claim or credit to the images.

A big thumbs up for the artists work, they’re all great pieces!


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