One Chance Review

One Chance isn’t just a fancy title, it means it for you only have one chance to play through the game (seriously, you can’t replay the game once you’ve finished it, unless you find the loophole so as to trick the game your playing One Chance again for the first time) and once you’re done, you’re left not sure how to feel, for you’ll always wonder…what if? This is One Chance, a unique concept and game which will have you seriously thinking.

One Chance 01

One Chance starts off simple enough with John Pilgrim, our protagonist, waking up on a Tuesday to the world praising him (except for one prat later who greets you sarcastically as ‘the fucking saviour’) for his discovery in finding a cure for cancer. The game follows these six days from the announcement of the discovery, as things take a dark turn which will have the players pose some serious questions to themselves as to how they would spend there last few hours alive on this earth, if there was no way to stop the inevitable.

You see each action you take, whether it is to skip work with a couple of groupies, to persevering and going to work everyday in trying to save the world, One Chance sticks to its title for once you beat the game, there is no replay mode, no going back, for once you’ve made your decisions, just as in real life, you’re going to have to stick with them, whether the outcome is glorious or tragic. There are several outcomes indeed and they all vary on the actions you take.

John wil slowly worsen, his movements slower, not wearing his lab coat, not shaving, emphasizing the hopelessness of the situation in the game.

John will slowly worsen, his movements slower, not wearing his lab coat, not shaving, emphasizing the hopelessness of the situation in the game.

It’s a unique concept which makes the gameplay even more immersive and unlike most games before will really make you think before you chose either option A or B. With one sombre track on loop which doesn’t get irritating but instead adds an extra layer to the misery of the atmosphere this game brings and without ruining anymore, any additional music just adds to the depression that John feels at a certain part of the game.

Yes, for this game isn’t a bright one and some instances may raise an eyebrow or two but where other games have the cliché action hero saving the day, this feels more to home as John is just a typical person at the end of the day. Also the fear of a possible outbreak of any kind of disease is a real fear nowadays which makes this game even more important.

As for how the game looks, it takes a pixellated approach with simple design and moving mechanics which has a charm of its own and it is great how small details as the days pass, such as the number of people out on the streets or the very world around you with plants slowly dying, as the world slowly transforms as the end nears and the world starts falling apart.

The world changes each of the six days you've got until the end arrives.

The world changes each of the six days you’ve got until the end arrives.

To play the game is simple enough with your directional buttons doing just about all of the work as you navigate from screen to screen and conversation is clear in a black band at the bottom, with prompts popping up above the character when you have a decision to make.

This game ultimately is about what you would do if the end of the world was announced. Would you keep trying to fight? Would you just give up seeing as it is inevitable? Would you kill yourself? Would you take to the streets in protest? I found that having John stay silent throughout the whole game was a great touch as we can put ourselves in his role and watch as every character we meet on the way holds a different belief of the impending doom. Meeting all these people will make you think on these subjects and that is where the games strongest strength lies, for after you finish One Chance and realised you used it, will you be happy with what you did with that time?

One Chance...

One Chance…


Pros – A great concept which is executed well, every decision important, sombre world and music makes world real.

Cons – Not much to do and not long, though it needn’t be.

Final Words

One Chance is a short but quite strong experience which will put into perspective your priorities in life, for if the end of days where to come, would we keep fighting though the inevitable seems sure or spend the last precious moments with those we love? So play One Chance if you’re looking for something different and unique, though beware you only get one shot, as is life.

The game is available to play at –


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