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Remothered (TBA)

Remothered Cover

Remothered began as a tribute indie game by the Italian Chris Darril based on the acclaimed Clock Tower: The First Fear before it became its own game, now being developed for full release. The story takes place in 1978 centering around four misfit girls who are taken to the Baroni mansion, after the closing of the Flemmington Girls Institute. Before long they discover clues on a mysterious suicide and the death of her child, before the girls start to disappear, one by one…



Latest News

– The Remothered Soundtrack is already available for purchase.

What We Know

– Chris has noted Lovecraft and Dario Argento’s work inspired him during the making of this game, as well as titles such as Haunting Ground, Silent Hill and Siren. Also Disney movies have deeply influenced the creation.

– The creator has stated to want to veer away from the more modern concepts of horror games and bring it back to what he considers its roots.

– If successfull, Chris would like to expand Remothered as a trilogy.

– Controllable characters will be Jennifer, her best friend Lindsay Silverhat and Rosemary Reed, the girl’s tutors.

Ongoing Commentary

Inspired by the first and original Clock Tower, Remothered is both a remake and tribute of sorts of the game, though this one will obviously be very different from the original. Indeed since 2009 the first version of the game was worked on until the whole concept was scrapped with a redesign underway with a switch to 3D graphics, change of characters to their current versions and shift of gameplay. (Indeed the videos of the old look of the game can still be found on the official channel, here.)

What is familiar with the original clock tower is the fact that the main protagonist, 15 year old orphan Jennifer Sutton, has been diagnosed with a mysterious illness and has a stronger bond with the esoteric world.

So what more do we know? Besides a lot of beautiful concept artwork from the official Remothered Page, we know that we will have to discover the mystery behind the Baroni family and mansion, while avoiding stalkers (just as in the original) who are followers of a demonic cult called Tobyastre. This is done as it seems to suggest by not confronting your enemies and running away from them as well as Jennifer having to struggle with an evil force from within her, which may or not consume her throughout the course of the game, depending on the player’s choices.

Lupo patiently waits for this promising title and hope that when it comes out in its full release, something bigger than the creator had planned, that the game receives any deserved acclaim and attention, for horror in the mainstream market needs titles such as these to establish themselves.

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