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Sound Of Silence (TBA)

Sound Of Silence CoverSound Of Silence is a game created by Michael Chiniquy that will continuously adapt feeding of the fears of the player. A very challenging concept that if executed well, would mean we could have a horror gaming experience like none before, where the game will try its best to terrify us by reading our actions.

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The Sound Of Silence concept video has been around for over a year now though it is now in full development with a demo intended for release on October 2013 (Halloween release date anyone?). While not too much information is available obviously the little we have is the most intriguing yet.

Horror games terrify us already if they get everything right and I’m not talking about jumpscares I’m talking about games that make your terrified to open the door to progress and the game world feels involves you so much, you feel as if you’re in it yourself. So Sound Of Silence is a psychological horror game that reads how a player plays the game, making sure to understand your fears and adding more of them to the rooms, corridors and the rest of the gaming world.

It’s an idea most of us have must have thought of once in a while, though I wonder how well it could work? It is a very difficult challenge but I hope it all goes smoothly for having a game like this would be great and unique experience.

So how will the game try to read the players actions? Now we begin the game in the middle of an empty street at night and the concept video states that the game will see which routes across the world they take, strategies during the game or the answers given to certain characters. So it seems if you were to veer towards lighted areas, the game may understand your fear of the darkness. Any rooms the player visits will have at least three different manifestations on what the game believes the fears of the players are. Though it seems combat will be minimal as the game will probably take a more run and hide approach with puzzles and exploration being more of a focus.

So keep checking back to see more information on this intriguing game.

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