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The Intruder (TBA)

The Intruder Cover

Intruder takes the whole concept of a stalker to a new original level. Whereas most recent horror games have you put into a situation where an entity pursues you, Intruder has us dealing in the aftermath of our first encounter with this entity and the game is to prepare for the inevitable final event of his return, while dealing with an impaired memory and struggling to keep sane, the entity can appear at anytime and it’s up to you to try to survive as long as you can.

Latest News

– The game on Steam has been Greenlight, so the game is now veering to a 2013 release.

What We Know

– Small open world, non linear meaning set events can occur in any order or be missed entirely, with a time running during gameplay and a day and night cycle.

– Due to your loss of memory, you’ll be able (thought to what degree is unknown) to press R (Remember) and try to recall memories.

– Many weapons as well as non-essential items present

– An unescapable finale event where you’ll have your final showdown with the entity.

Ongoing Commentary

Many horror games recently have us fleeing from an entity of some sorts (Slender anyone…) with no possible way to defend yourself while you try to stave off the possible capture. Intruder has us dealing in the aftermath where after our first confrontation with an unknown entity, we are left to figure out how best to confront it using the many items in the world, which takes place in our house near a small village which will include a forest and parking garage.

The game is interesting as there is a lot of liberty in how the story can play out and depending on your items you can extend the time in the final encounter which means this game will demand multiple playthroughs to see all the possible outcomes. The game takes place other a few days, with each second equal to a minute in the game world, as you try to struggle the balance between finding the vital items you’ll need and keeping your sanity in check, meaning your stats will have to be regularly checked on.

Starting with the items, there are many tools, weapons and ammo around the game world, though how useful they’ll be in the ultimate encounter you’ll have no idea of knowing, creating what I’m sure will be great pressure on the player. For instance the hammer, item you’ll need first, is useless as a melee weapon though it will prove vital if you want to board up windows and such, as items need to be combined so no imaginary planks of wood and hammer, every item is important in one way or another.

Another interesting concept is caring for yourself. Most games will have you needing to simply find a safe place to regain part of your sanity, so you’ll need to do such things such as eat and sleep, otherwise your character will feel strained and have less energy. You also decide how long you must sleep for and when to eat adding to this pressure and countdown to the final encounter, making every decision you make vital to your survival.

The creator has stated that upon release a mod feature will be available giving players a chance to come up with new settings, new maps and game mechanics, so I’m certain that once this game is released we’ll see many more interesting ideas from the community and it’s not often a creator gives this option to their players, so we eagerly await this feature.

Intruder promises to bring a whole new and fresh experience, so keep coming back for more updates.

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