Blackwood: The Prologue Review

Blackwood: The Prologue is just as its title states the prologue to a full on game that the developer Blake Mann has in mind to make into a full game/series after a year experimenting. To describe Blackwood in a few words would be as more of an artistic experience with a lot of symbolism and a dream like state.

So let’s describe Blackwood in a few more words. A side scrolling game with artistic and beautiful backgrounds as well as the rest of the world which is a treat on the eyes. You start off with no information besides Costis unsure of where he finds himself and as you travel throughout this dreamlike world, you’ll see your parents begging for your help before they vanish, a strange dark figure, along with 6 collectible Orbs to find and areas which can change radically from one moment to the next.

Blackwood Prologue 02

So while the game experience may be short as I said before there is enough here to keep you interested including the collectables which need some thinking to figure out where they’re hidden or how to find them. The music as well as the world fits every environment well and when certain events happen, the choice of music is perfect for the mood and indeed helps this experience feel more dreamlike than ever.

At a certain point you’ll need to travel between two different places to progress as well as further understanding everything that is going on and ultimately you’re left feeling with a sour taste in your mouth as you’ll feel the game finishes to early just as you’re getting into it, which begs for a full version and hoping that Blackwood doesn’t remain a prologue.

Blackwood Prologue 03


Pros – Beautiful visuals, collectables, interesting world and concept and great mystery surrounding true meanings.

Cons – It’s only a prologue…

Lupo Meter

Fear – Though not a full on horror game, there are a couple of moments which are horror and one character that will make you worried.

Sound – Seeing as the experience is artistic, so is the music as well crafted including sound effects.

Horror – The dreamlike world works as you’ll probably be confused at first, just as dreams are meant to be.

World – The strange characters and forever changing world work well.

Final Words

Blackwood: The Prologue despite being a prologue and therefore not a very long experience still managed to draw me in, making me hunt down the collectibles as well as trying to understand what it could all mean (I have my own theory, though I won’t state it here for obvious reasons) and I can only hope that someday soon, we can travel back to the world of Blackwood in a longer experience.


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