Blackwood: Prologue Walkthrough

This is the Lupo guide for the web browser game Blackwood: Prologue.

Lupo suggests the player goes through the game once to fully enjoy the experience and use the guide to find any locations of Orbs or if unable to progress. Good luck!


You awaken wondering where you could possibly be. Now go to the right before quickly turning back to the left, where you’ll see a dark figure drop the 1st Orb.

Blackwood Prologue WT 02

Collect it and return to the previous area and head towards the couple, who you’ll identify as your parents, though once you run to them they’ll disappear in a cloud of smoke.

Blackwood Prologue WT 03

Now keep heading to the right until you see a person with a sombrero resting, who will ask you to retrieve their cane.

Blackwood Prologue WT 05

Now this is where the game suddenly starts to slowly shift tone, as when you turn to the previous area you’ll see it has changed with a tree with the person’s cane propped against it. Retrieve the cane and it should be simple now returning it, right? Wrong!

Turn back and you’ll see the area has warped and now blocked off so now keep heading left, past the tree, over the bridge and once you reach the watch tower jump down.

Blackwood Prologue WT 06

Now the game will change once again, the world will become cold and the pipe and drum music will shift into cold winds and you’ll realise you’ve somehow fallen into the very area you where in before…

Anyway seeing as the left is blocked off, head to the right where that dark figure from before has, well, devoured our sombrero friend.

Blackwood Prologue WT 04


After the cutscene, you’ll wake up in your home, relieved it’s a dream. Now before heading right go underneath your portrait and face the direction you’re facing in the portrait and jump up, leading to the 2nd Orb falling in front of you.

The 2nd Orb Location

Now head right to have that much needed drink of water and oh god, who the hell is that?

Blackwood Prologue 01


After being shot (!), you’ll find yourself in a place that I can only describe as a sort of yellow brick road (minus the yellow).

Now head left first and you’ll see three lights, which will turn on and off each time you pass them. The key here is to light them in a specific way so when you head left you find the 3rd Orb.

Blackwood Prologue WT 12

Now once you have retrieved it, keep heading right until you reach a bank. Fall down it and take a left into the small cave to retrieve the 4th Orb.

Blackwood Prologue WT 13

Now head right past the lights, which serve no purpose here, until you reach the lighthouse. Trying to turn back will only result in the return of the being from before. He will tell you to leave, answer NO, then when asked on your next destination tell him the Quarry.

Blackwood Prologue WT 15


You’ll appear at the quarry take the right, past the mirror, which will speak cryptically so keep heading right and you’ll see someone working here who will lend you his shovel.

Blackwood Prologue WT 11

It’s time to return to the docks and this time travel to the valley.


You’ve arrived at the quarry so keep heading right until you see another worker, who will ask you to dig up some holes on the hill. Return to the previous area and don’t dig the holes yet, so that you can dig up treasure and recover the 5th Orb.

Blackwood Prologue WT 09

Once you’ve done that return to the worker who will give you lily seeds to plant and once you’ve done that, the worker will thank you and lend you his hammer. It’s time to return to the quarry.

Blackwood Prologue WT 10


Now go the mirror and select the option to smash it, with your reflection’s last words being a warning on an impeding wrath due to your actions.

Blackwood Prologue WT 08

Now before heading back to the Valley, go right and return the shovel to earn the 6th and final Orb.

Blackwood Prologue WT 07


Go to the valley’s hill and watch the final cutscene unfold.

Blackwood Prologue WT 16


And this is where Blackwood: Prologue ends :(. Hope you enjoyed the short experience as much as I did.

Blackwood Prologue WT 14


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