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Dark (2013)

Dark Cover

Dark is an upcoming game, developed by Kalypso Media, and puts you in the unusual role of one of mankind’s greatest characters of evil – a vampire. Dark takes you into the world of vampires where at any moment the hunter can become the hunted, as you develop your character in a world where the natural and supernatural are intertwined.

Latest News

– Pre orders are available off the official site.

What We Know

– Dark uses 3D shaded graphics.

Ongoing Commentary

Dark places the player into the role we are normally meant to fear, that of a vampire. In this stealth, RPG, action adventure horror game where we take of a recently transformed Vampire called Eric Bane, who can’t remember anything of his past before the transformation as well as the transformation itself with the only thing he knows for certain, is that he must drink the blood of the person who transformed him. Problem is, you must find him as well as unravelling the secrets behind the mysterious  Geoforge Corporation and time is running short for if you don’t your creator in time, you risk becoming a Ghoul, half vampire cursed blind and dumb intent on finding their creators and drink their blood before others so as to become true vampires.

The game takes place in a futuristic city and along the way we will have to develop our character, unlocking new abilities such as invisibility and killing from a distance, improve our vampire skills and stealth abilities, resulting in the vampire lovers greatest dream. Which vampire lover hasn’t wanted to control a vampire that by the sound of it, can fulfill just about every customizable fantasy you can imagine as you aim to become the ultimate vampire.

Along the way it seems we’ll have a great cast of characters behind us, as well as many interesting places to go on missions including museums or a hidden fortress in a goliath skyscraper. Once we’ve been out on the prowl we’ll be able to return to a nightclub like place called the Sanctuary, our HUB where we can start new missions, gather intel and is the first place we awake, where one of the other game’s main protagonists, Rose, will help us adapt to the vampire world and serve as a mentor throughout the game.

And while we can call Rose and Eric good vampires, we will meet other vampires who delight in violence and torture which is sure to be relevant throughout the plot. Along with this we’ll have to deal with M17 agents and other vampires such as Vladmir head of the Geoforge and the insane museum director John Blooming.

Dark is currently scheduled for release in the 2nd quarter of 2013 and will be available to Xbox 360 or PC players.


Official Site – http://darkthegame.com/us/


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