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Daylight (2013)

Daylight Cover

Daylight is a game being developed by Zombie Studios, its experienced team having worked on games such as F.E.A.R., Condemned and Saw aiming to bring to you a gameplay experience which feels different every time.

Ongoing Commentary

Developed with the Unity Engine, Daylight has a classical premise in nowadays horror games – waking up without any knowledge of how you find yourself in an almost certainly abandoned location (this time an abandoned hospital with a dark criminal past).

You’ll need to use your cell phone as your flashlight and each time you load up Daylight, you’ll never be going in confident and all knowing of how to navigate through the areas. No, simply put each experience will have changed your objectives, a whole new environment with entirely different content and possible encounters randomized each time, making each playthrough and each experience unique. And each game session supposedly shouldn’t last too long, around 20-30 mins each time piecing together more and more of the story, explaining how your involved, backstory and much more info which will be different each playthrough.

Our main antagonists will be Phantoms, spirits of this infamous hospital and there will be no combat, instead you’ll have to run and hide while your phone can glitch at their presence as well as play ominous audio and visual recordings. Emergency kits such as glow sticks or torches will help repel potential threats though they can also be used to reveal writings on the wall or retrace your footsteps to a previous location.

Daylight will be taking an episodic approach by claiming that this Daylight can be looked at as the first episode, with each subsequent one expanding gameplay mechanics and adding more to the story.

Daylight is currently being geared for a 2013 release.

Daylight Official Site –



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