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else { Heart.break() } (TBA)

else { Heart.break() } Cover

else { Heart.break() } is a game in development by Erik Svedäng and is an adventure game centered around being able to change the programming of the very game world until you reach the inner levels of the game code.

Ongoing Commentary

else { Heart.break() is a game that has been in  development for over a year now and though there is not a lot of information or material released yet, the concept sounds interesting.

Set in a world where computers and their codes have replaced atoms with bits as the makeup of life, we the character are put in charge of working with this code, with people their to guide us. Indeed the player is expected to have no knowledge of programming, meaning the game will deal realistically with computer code in this game, though how they implement it and how complex it can get to remains to be seen.

The game is also said to have a world filled with many characters, each with a small part to play during gameplay and you can change this world drastically as you progress as more tools to hack, reprogram and stuff you can control will keep increasing.


Official Site – http://eriksvedang.com/

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