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Ether One (TBC 2013)

Ether One Cover

Ether One is currently being developed and aiming for a summer 2013 release by White Paper Games. Ether One takes us into a different world where the power of the mind has progressed to the point that a select few, called Restorers, have the capability to restore memories and fix mental illness. Your latest case is Jean and this is where Ether One begins.

Latest News

– Entering the final stages of development, with new material to soon be released.

– Currently Greenlight on Steam.

What We Know

– The HUB world of the games will take place inside a massive dome, with over sci-fi areas and elements inspired by 50 and 60s technology and computers of the time.

– There will be a mining area, coastline, harbour and a village confirmed.

– Game will be available to play in Spanish and English.

Ongoing Commentary

Ether One is the first part of a two part journey which has us delve into the mind and memories of Jean, in an attempt to fix her fragile mind in what has been a self described tale of ‘love, loss, hope and freedom.’

There has been a lot of entertainment surrounding the human minds  and indeed has been one of the most fascinating subjects throughout the history of mankind, due to the so little we still understand about it. So when any form of entertainment tackles on this subject we can end up with many outcomes ranging from bland and the feeling of having heard it all before to original and gripping with its own story to tell. Ether One veers towards the latter end of the scale, with an interesting premise.

So the game world is essentially the mind of Jean, with each different area surely holding meaning to the overall plot and the wonderful design (a unique charming hand painted world) is set along a coastline, with doors being portals it seems between different area, which we’ll have to fix using our powers.

And while there are no monsters within the game though there is a threat which has not been stated yet, this isn’t the main focus of Ether, which plans to focus more on puzzles and exploring the world to help Jean. These puzzles solving range from finding story artifacts to change the very world to exploration which will ultimately unlock secret areas and artifacts within each memory. Whether we will solely focus on restoring Jean’s memories remains to be seen as the tagline states ‘Restore yours’. Once Ether One is close to being ready for release, we may find out, until then keep this memory of Ether One alive, if you can.


Keep checking back as Ether One is gearing towards its final release very soon.

Official Site –


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