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Lifeless Planet (TBA)

Lifeless Planet Cover

Lifeless Planet is a game in development by David Board, telling the tale of an astronauts mission to find life and upon his arrival on a distant planet, he finds evidence that this world has been inhabited and by the looks of it, a long time ago by communist Russia. It is up to you to explore the planet while chasing after the only other living being on this desolate planet and trying to understand her place as well as yours, in this world.



Latest News

– The soundtrack of Lifeless Planet is available to pre-order.


Due to the only other survivors, Aelita’s green footprints left, it’s not unreasonable to think that the game will explore the theme of nuclear holocaust or some deadly toxin or disease as the explanation for the planets barren desert wasteland.

Ongoing Commentary

There are many games that feel empty, whether it’s the bland character and world design or the lack of missions or stuff to do, these games feel unfinished. That’s not to say less is more isn’t a true expression. Taking heart from games such as Ico, Out Of This World and The Dig, Lifeless Planet draws inspiration from these games able to replicate an atmosphere of loneliness and distant from the world, although the world you find yourself is mysterious and the feeling these sort of games manage to create is unique.

Lifeless Planet has us take the role of an astronaut who discovers this distant planet, believed to have been rich with life, has already been colonized by mankind but is now nothing more than a barren wasteland. You’ll walk (or fly around with your jetpack) across a world where nature and abandoned man-made structures are the environments of this diverse land and judging from the screenshots and trailers until now, they will be varied and a treat on the eyes as we explore such a unique landscape.

And following probably more Ico’s influence, players will have to follow the mysterious Aelita, with her language barrier impeding her to fully talk to us just as Yorda with Ico, it will be interesting to see how this relationship is developed during gameplay and whether we will ultimately find ourselves caring for both characters though I’m sure the creator has had this in mind.

The storytelling of this game will be less obvious as the creator is going for a game that tells most of its story through sound, graphic visuals and aims to tell a great story. The nature of the game in this respect will be platforming and puzzle solving to navigate this world. These sort of games heavily rely on creating a bond between the character and player and usually tell a message that each can interpret in their own way, with no right or wrong answer.

If Lifeless Planet follows the blueprints laid out by games such as Ico and adds something of its own then we have a potential great title here and I cannot wait to be able to be given the chance to explore this world and discover its secrets.

Lifeless Planet is currently aiming for a summer release with dates subject to change.

Official Site –


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