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Rodina (TBA)

Rodina Cover

Rodina is aiming to fulfill the dream of every sci-fi, spacecraft loving enthusiast by giving us control of our very own spacecraft. You’ll be able to fly towards planets, moons, asteroids, suns and space stations each explorable in a huge randomly generated solar system.


Latest News

– Rodina will be shown for the first time as a playable demo on the 24/04/2013 at the OMSI event, with one released online very soon a likely prospect.

What We Know

– The feature to customize our spacecraft allows players to change rooms, corridors and add lights.

– A feature known as ‘Drifting’, temporarily turns off engines as you glide through space. Also missiles will lock onto you before hitting and it will be imperative to lose them so as to survive.

– Enemy spacecraft do everything you can, raising the challenge level.
Ongoing Commentary

How many of us, whenb playing games set in space or with starcraft have longed to break the barriers most games set us and fly around the universe, heading from planet to planet, exploring fields of asteroids before heading towards the nearest sun? Rodina, created by Brendan Anthony who has worked on games such as The Elder Scrolls and Fallout,  wants to make such a fantasy come true

Rodina will seem to take a Minecraft approach with basic features available from the get go and if it is successful enough, further updates and add-ons, also stemming from the communities responses, which makes this game even more appealing but also a game that will need dedicated community to ensure its survival.

Rodina will have us exploring two words though with one very customizable; space and our spacecraft. Yes for the ship will be vital in the gameplay as it becomes our home and the pad from which we’ll be able get into dogfights with enemy spaceships, capturing ships by flying a false flag, hacking into enemy computers to override their systems to gun battles on a planet’s surface, Rodina does all this in a seamless world with no loading times and the transition from planet to space natural.

This seems like an amazing prospect which gives the whole idea of being able to become master of space very possible when you can choose something in the distance and arrive there with no limitations due to the procedurally generated landscapes all explorable or you can waste this potential and customize to your liking your spaceship. This is a game that ultimately rewards those who experiment and try creative new ways to approach the game, which I’m sure is a feature most of us enjoy and look for in a game.

The game will support mods on some level thought it has not been clearly stated just how far people will be able to mod the game.


Official Site –


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