Vesper.5 100 Moves, 100 Days

Vesper. 5 is a game that requires over a 100 consecutive days to complete. Why you ask? It’s to see if your able to keep your dedication daily, how you place it into your daily routine. Every day only one move can be made and here  is the photo collection of 100 Moves, 100 Days.

100 Days

15/04/2013 – Day 1

I decided that my first move would be to move to the right.

VESPER.5 Day 1

VESPER5 Day 1b

16/04/2013 – Day 2

I took another right, though this time no writing showed up and each time I access the game it zooms up my first two moves.

VESPER5 Day 2a

VESPER5 Day 2b

17/04/2013 – Day 3

 I took another right today, I think I’ll just keep taking them until I exit the tunnel. The music changed, I mean there’s the same tune as usual but another instrument now shakes in the background.

VESPER5 Day 3a


18/04/2013 – Day 4

Took another right today.

Eyes Day 4a

Eyes Day 4b

19/04/2013 – Day 5

Took another right, now underneath one of the blue orbs. Made my move later on in the day compared to the first four where they were pretty early in the day.

Vesper Day 5a

Vesper Day 5b

22/04/2013 – Day 6

 5 days in and I already lost my routine and didn’t use my two days before for two moves -_- Anyway I continued today to the right.

Vesper Day 6a

Vesper Day 6b

23/04/2013 – Day 7

Aha! Finally we see something else, two plants parallel to one another. Now things could get interesting, so let’s keep moving right.

Vesper 7b

Vesper Day 7a

24/04/2013 – Day 8

Moved to the right again and my expectations fell flat as there are just more walls. I wonder whether moving onto the same space as the plant will do anything? I will have to decide what to do once I get close enough.

Vesper Day 8a

Vesper Day 8b


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