Seedling Review

What can I say after defeating Seedling? All I can say is that it is a crime that a gem of a game such as this, capable of drawing you into its world, making you think to solve puzzles in a wonderfully made and visually stunning world, is not well known and on every RPG/Adventure fans to play list. Seedling will take a good amount of time to finish and you could compare it to The Legend Of Zelda or Dragon Warrior or indeed any retro dungeon game, bringing a sense of nostalgia for older gamers yet newer gamers will discover a game that despite the old school graphics can measure up to the best that most paid for games have to offer.

Seedling 04

Seedling begins with our birth from the wind and immediately we are sent on our first quest through a basic dungeon, with no weapons or equipment to help us, until we recover our first item of the game, the Sword. From that point on the world opens to us with a lore of its own and a quest to recover a seed needed for our Oracle, a cyclops who meditates in a house and seems to be the b figure of the game. To be able to retrieve the seed, you must battle the Creatures of Relics, each with their own unique dungeons.

Seedling 02

So from then on the world and its dungeons are open to us, though many places are at first blocked off due to the need of different power ups, which you can tackle in any order and with no hand holding whatsoever.

filled with many different characters, each adding to the mythos of the story and helping you feel like this world has always existed and you’re just playing a part in it, which any good adventure game has to be able to pull off for it be more than just an average game. Seedling does this well as you’ll find typical inns, statues depicting moments in the history of the world and unique characters such as another Seedling alone in a cavern stating he will bring destruction to the world. Seedling may ask of you more than one playthrough so you don’t miss anything and trust me, there is a lot going on in the world that it can get overwhelming.

Seedling 01

Each dungeon is unique, whether it be the sound, the layout, the monsters or the unique boss inside, you’ll have a hard time forgetting each dungeon from towers to volcanic underground to the cold winds of the north. Add to this the fact that there is a day and night cycle and the world feels very much alive. I also liked how as you progressed through each dungeon, they got increasingly  more challenging to complete, not difficult, but challenging which makes Seedling an enjoyable experience and though you may ‘die’ many times, it will never put you off from the game.

Talking about health, you will only have three health bars, though these are charged up every time you leave or enter a different area and if you die you’re transported to the entrance of the area you came from. This approach works well and would have decreased the fun playing Seedling if done any different way. Your inventory stores the many items you will collect during your quest with assignable buttons to the weapons you will obviously find. Unfortunately the combat falls a little flat, with simple button mashing of the attack buttons capable of killing most enemies, with only one or two needing some sort of strategy to defeat.

Seedling 03

Talking about strategies to defeat monsters, once you reach the end of every dungeon, you will encounter a unique boss, each wonderfully made and each with their weaknesses and strengths and you will have to solve how best to use the environment or weapons at your disposal to conquer them. Aside one or two battles falling kind of flat due to their simplicity, the battles are memorable.

Aside from exploring every dungeon, with their own puzzles which grow in difficulty from how best to move a block without getting it stuck to running away from Indiana Jones like boulders which follow you, there are also many gold chests scattered across the world which require in many cases even more thinking to figure out how to reach them. Each one fills up a piece of a puzzle and are necessary if you want to get an alternate ending.

Seedling 06

If there is one small gripe I had with Seedling was that sometimes upon receiving a new item, either I had no clue which area I would have to go to next or I had passed by the area before and completely forgot about it. The world isn’t too large and you’ll probably remember soon enough where to head off to, though a map of sorts would have been appreciated.

The sound itself, due to my days of Pokemon and Gameboy games, takes this approach and it works well, with each dungeon having a different tone to it, from sinister to fast paced, every area in this world has its own piece and the sound effects also never take away from the experience as they are all clear and on point.

Once you’ve done playing Seedling, along with a question or two posed towards the player depending on the ending you receive, you’ll have ventured through many different lands, collected many different coloured keys to open pathways, met witches, battled golems and plants, conquered legends and then…then you go back. For this is what these kind of games are capable of, making you want to repeat the experience, hopefully to be surprised once gain and marvel at the world as you notice smaller details.

Seedling 05


Pros – A lot to do in an engaging world that pulls you in, dungeons and bosses are unique and wonderful, challenging, collectibles, two endings, a charm of its own.

Cons – Combat simple, no map or guidance can at times be confusing as you search for the next place to go to.

Final Words

Seedling is a free online game that will offer more excitement, more dungeons to explore, more to think about, more collectibles and more story to it then most games that need to be paid for. Not only that the games design and world will draw you in and you will have a quite long and challenging experience. This is what games are meant to be, fun to play with a rich world and one that once you finish without hesitation you go back to replay to finish it all up and make sure you have soaked in as much of this world as you can.


Seedling is available to download or play online. While there is no save feature rest assured your browser will save your progress.


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