Topia Online (Eye On)

Topia Online (2013)

Topia Online Cover

Topia Online is an upcoming 16 bit MMORPG currently in its Beta stage and scheduled for release on June 2013. Topia takes a sandbox approach where the world can be created by the player and gives ultimate freedom.

Ongoing Commentary

Topia is an MMORPG which takes on a sandbox style, with each player given complete freedom to shape and live the world. The game is in a Beta Test, which requires a pre-order purchase to be able to play. This looks at the basic information available as well as few words.

Main Screen 

Touching the slimy boulder will transform you into a slime monster, while a hatchet can be found to chop down the tree, introducing you to the most basic of mechanics in Topia, as well as showing the ability to transform into animals. Controls are the directional buttons with the mouse to interact with objects, though you must be close to them.


You are given the option from the get go to create your very own guild. I like how it is not merely creating a guild and that’s that, instead any guild you create you become master of and make fellow members your officers. The guild will receive higher recognition and growth depending on the players skills, with perks being rewards for this. A guild can only be disbanded by a leader along with its rules. This is interesting as your growth and involvement in the game will either allow your guild to be either the best or the worst.


There are five modes it seems; the normal mode, a capture the flag mode, a tower like defense game, a hardcore mode and a mode where you must harvest and defend a farm.

Final Words

Topia seems to be an exciting new prospect and the design is appealing. There isn’t too much information available but a major downside to this game is that just to play the Beta alone is 25$. Now don’t get me wrong, if a game is worth it, I will invest in it but having to play simply the Beta by buying a product I don’t know too much about won’t appeal to the majority though there will be no monthly description as stated by the developers. Nevertheless Topia Online is a game that deserves your attention as we could be unknowingly looking at the next big online game.

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