Eyes Review

I’m not trying to come across as being  but it takes a really good horror game to scare me. Sure there are those uneasy moments, jumpscares or taking a long time before opening that door but very rarely do I refuse to play a game due to the horror of it. It’s happened a few times before and I have to admit, playing Eyes was one of those times, indeed I didn’t go back to that game for a day straight.

So after I mustered up my courage, I put myself back into the role of a burglar, who breaking into a house to steal 20 bags, discovers more than he bargained for.

Eyes 01

Eyes is a first person horror taking on the popular Slender approach as in you find yourself in one location, with an unstoppable being chasing after you while you recover, in this case, twenty bags scattered around the house. Before I go any further I was surprised to see how the game is constantly being updated from the creator and their site keeps you updates on newer features. This means that Eyes may continuously change improving itself in many ways, already the spirit has been changed to make it absolutely horrific, so Eyes isn’t a one off experience, this is a game that hopefully keeps growing and who knows what we can expect from it.

Now the gameplay mechanics are easy to handle in this house which is created really well and having small rooms, as well as tight corners throughout the house, gives a ‘wonderful’ sense of claustrophobia which adds to the brilliant atmosphere this game has to offer. The colour schemes are mostly dark with only light or the many eyes which can be found around the house the only brighter colours draws you into the world.

Open doors by pushing them open, make navigating through this house that more stressful

Open doors by pushing them open, make navigating through this house that more stressful

Indeed the eyes which you see scattered around the house can be used to see through the eyes of the spirit, allowing a unique advantage to the player, though the only downside is that this feature is pretty useless on your first tries seeing as you won’t have any clue whether the rooms you see are close to you. Nevertheless this is a great tool afterwards as you try to keep one step ahead of the spirit.

Look through the eyes of the spirit as she flies about, needing your upmost attention to figure out where she-s lurking.

Look through the eyes of the spirit as she flies about, needing your up most attention to figure out where she-s lurking.

The eyes aren’t the only ‘weapons’ you have in evading the spirit, as you will hear moaning as she draws near, objects will shake violently, weather may change and giant red RUN will a flash on the screen. The game does a great job of instilling great fear once you know your pursuer is near and that is due to an incredible atmosphere, which makes this game above the many Slender like clones to earn its own place. Add to this the fact that the bag locations, the path the spirit takes and essential keys are randomized means each experience should feel new and frightening.

Eyes 02

Sound, let me finish up speaking on this for it is the greatest weapon this game uses to terrify you. No music, just the constant whistling of the winds, if you play this on your headphones, makes this game. You’ll cower, retreat, groan, spin around frantically as every sound is a warning or a trick on the mind. Objects rattle violently, floorboards creek and once you hear that moaning, it almost sounds like the coffin bearers ready to take you away to be buried with no way out of it. And when a horror game can terrify you on sound alone, you know that this is above your average game.

Such rooms are just plain scary.

Such rooms are just plain scary.


Pros – Terryfying experience, eyes idea is interesting, difficulty levels, sound is used perfectly.

Cons – feels that at times spirit captures you from too far away, eyes idea truly helpful only after multiple tries.

Lupo Meter

Fear – I couldn’t play it anymore after my first tries and I still find playing this game to be a difficult task.

Sound – The absence of any music, allows the haunted house concept to work brilliantly, as every sound will have you spinning round, looking for its source.

Horror – A haunted house which is possessed and a burglar aren’t the most original of ideas yet the execution makes a typical concept feel fresh.

World – This is a game that means it when it states it’s a horror game. The house, the atmosphere, the pursuer are all spine tingling.

Final Words

It would be easy to pass off Eyes due to its resemblance to many horror games out now and up and coming ones. Doing that though would be foolish as the game keeps a constant terror atmosphere, is being constantly updated according to the community and is a good horror game without ever straying into boring and bland or ridiculous territory keeping that raw feel. Download this little gem now and put on your best headphones, you’re in for a horror experience.


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