Chzo Mythos – 5 Days A Stranger Walkthrough Day One

This is the official Lupo walkthrough for the first part of the Chzo Mythos, 5 Days A Stranger. Enjoy!

Day One

The story begins and you’ll find yourself in the room you’re aiming to rob, so go to the safe and open it, only to discover it’s empty and the window seems to have got jammed.

5 Days A Stranger 03

Now that you’ll have to take the other exit to leave the house, coming face to face with a stranger who runs away from you. Now continue on downstairs (make sure to click underneath the staircase).

Now keep heading to the right, seeing as the main door and the phoneline are dead (collect the newpaper beside the phone), in the next room make sure you also collect the cable and until you meet Philip in the last room, who will ask you to gather up the others trapped in the house.

5 Days A Stranger 05

Now keep heading left until you find yourself in the kitchen and open the last door. Now you’re outside, so gather the stick first before interacting with the tree, then talk to it and you’ll meet the second person and youngest of the house, Jim.

Now return into the house and go back to the first floor once more, this time though taking a right, to see the third person, Simone, trying to break into one of the rooms. Tell her about the meeting and now it’s time to be there in person.

5 Days A Stranger 02

Go down and take a right again and you’ll begin the meeting. This is the time for questions so try to learn as much as you can, as well as retrieving the article from Jim before they all decide to call it a night, with AJ still nowhere to be found.

5 Days A Stranger 01

Day Two


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