Chzo Mythos – 5 Days A Stranger Walkthrough Day Two

Day Two

5 Days A Stranger 045

You’ll now experience a horrific cutscene which you’ll wake up from for it was all a dream.

5 Days A Stranger 044

Head left to the dining room where you’ll see Jim.

Screenshot (1454)

Talk to Jim, who’ll let on a hint he had the same dream as you had before telling you the whereabouts of Simone, though AJ is still missing and he has no clue where Philip could be.

Head upstairs and you’ll notice one of the doors looks different.

Screenshot (1456) Screenshot (1455)

Open it and talk to Simone as well as recovering the family history book on the left bookcase, second shelf from the top.

Now head outside to see Philip looking for a way to get out (really though he’s looking for treasure) with his metal detector in the garden, which he’ll only give to you if he knows the tomb locations.

5DAS 07

Return to the library and retrieve the book on the grounds as well as a place on the map that doesn’t exist…strange.

Screenshot (1458) Screenshot (1462) Screenshot (1469)

Anyway show the plans to him, making him like you even less but earning yourself a metal detector, so who really cares right?

Now if you look at the pool you’ll notice a blurry shape. Oh oh. Now use the metal detector with the pipeline to reveal a secret panel hidden in the dirt..

Pushing on the button will empty the pool.

5DAS 01 5DAS 02

So now go down into it to discover the corpse of…AJ.

5DAS 03

You’ll now go through a long cutscene as you confront Jim and Simone on the situation, stating that he must have been murdered. Jim will get worked up and leave and once you go looking for Philip, another dream sequence occurs, this time in the bathroom and you’ll wake up thanks to Jim into Day Three.

Day One

Day Three


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