Chzo Mythos – 5 Days A Stranger Walkthrough Day Four

Day Four

You’ll wake up in the tool shed, head bashed in, just about all items missing and locked up. If you talk to the window, you’ll call out and Simone will answer you. The way to retrieve your tie and escape is to ask the correct questions, though you may want to try them all out, as some of them are quite funny as well as the responses or they inform you a lot on the plot at this point.

Screenshot (1533) Screenshot (1534) Screenshot (1535) Screenshot (1537) Screenshot (1538)

Now that you’ve retrieved your tie, use your lockpick and get out of the tool shed. No one is about so you have to find where everyone has got to. Go into the house and make your way to the bathroom upstairs, on the way you can see the carnage of last night.

Screenshot (1541) Screenshot (1542)

You’ll now see Simone, who now believes you on your innocence but it seems poor Jim has gotten caught up in it all and disappeared.Screenshot (1545) Screenshot (1551) Screenshot (1555)

Now here’s an event that you’ll have to act quickly. When Jim comes into the room, wait for him to be over the Rug and then Use it, to pull it from under his feet, this way finishing Day Four and leading into the Final Day.

Day Three

Day Five


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