Chzo Mythos – 5 Days A Stranger Walkthrough Day Three

Day Three

This is the longest sequence in the game and the sequence that shifts the tone and the most development happens, so read on and enjoy!

So it’ll be the morning after, Jim has woken you up after you told him to wake up you up in the morning (do you even remember doing that?…) Anyway Philip has taken a hostile approach towards you.

Screenshot (1474)

Now go out to the garden and amazingly there’ll be your car, parked out beside the pool. Now enter the car and recover the lockpick.

Screenshot (1476) Screenshot (1477)

Now if you want to exhaust all conversations or know the locations of all characters, this is where they are. Remember Jim’s, for he is essential at a later point during this day, though you do have the option of allowing him to follow you as you investigate, it’s really up to you.Screenshot (1479) Screenshot (1480)

Now that you can unlock most of the doors head to the one pictured below, seeing as the other one is bolted from the otherside.
Screenshot (1481)

If you were to look outside, you’ll see how you’ll have to find a way to get to the other room. If you don’t want Jim to return to the library don’t open the window instead go straight to the left side of the room and recover the Diary of Roderick.Screenshot (1483) Screenshot (1484) Screenshot (1486) Screenshot (1487) Screenshot (1488) Screenshot (1489) Screenshot (1490) Screenshot (1491) Screenshot (1492)

Now head outside and break into the toolshed, this way you’ll be able to recover the saw and the pickaxe.Screenshot (1494) Screenshot (1495)

Now this is where Jim is essential, as you’ll need him to cut down the tree, allowing you to get to the other room. So once that is done return upstairs.

Screenshot (1497)

And now use your brolly (umbrella for all you unfamiliar with cockney) and swing to the other room.

Screenshot (1498)

And now time to recover the diary of Matthew as well as the Teddy Bear.

Screenshot (1499)

Now to progress here you must have read every piece of reading possible, so once you’ve done this go bakc to the library and recover a book on magic and read it, thus telling you how to locate the bodies of the deceased son and father. Now head to the kitchen.Screenshot (1501)

Screenshot (1503)

Now what you’re aiming to do is combine the chord, with the stick and teddy bear to make your detector. Combine this all with the salt in the kitchen and you’ve nearly got it working, though you have to return to the bedroom of Matthew but once that is done return to the kitchen.Screenshot (1504) Screenshot (1505) Screenshot (1506) Screenshot (1508)

Now get your pickaxe and knock down the wall, revealing the location of the map and driving forward the story very much at this point.Screenshot (1511) Screenshot (1512)

You’ll discover the strange room and have to stand in the exact position below in order to unearth…Screenshot (1515) Screenshot (1517) Screenshot (1518)

Now you’ll have heard a smash, so quickly head upstairs and keep heading left.Screenshot (1519) Screenshot (1521)

Now a cutscene occurs where you’ll find yourself covered in blood, Philip dead and be dealt a blow to the head by Simone, ending day three.

Day Two

Day Four


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