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Doorways (TBA)

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An indie game being developed by a studio based in Argentina, Doorways is a survival horror, with elements of puzzle solving and action, as you venture into a twisted world of torture, riddles and figures chasing you down.


Latest News

– Steam Greenlight for Doorways at

– The voice of Alexander from Amnesia: The Dark Descent, Sam A. Mowry is voicing Thomas Foster. The Spanish version will have the voice of Javier Gomez, known for his translations of series such as Breaking Bad, The Killing and the The Walking Dead.

Ongoing Commentary 

Doorways is a horror game coming straight out of Argentina and it’s great to see indie games now coming out of Latin America. This small team is developing a game called Doorways, which by the trailers and statements, is a game that will take us through a dark world, within castle like areas, as we see items of torture as well as impaled or hanged people. It’s a dark game though not one with needless violence just for the sake of it, seeing as Doorways also will challenge the player with thoughtful puzzles and with time and agility challenges.

It seems our main character will be called Thomas Foster and though the reasons are unknown, we find ourselves in the world of Doorways, which will progress as we complete levels, which will be replayable with many items to collect, secret places to uncover, notes and achievements which make this game sound like a long experience. Add to the fact, that with these levels lasting hours in total with the possibility of more to be released after release, Doorways could have a long life span.

The atmosphere already seems quite powerful, especially with the addition of the torture devices and theme, sure to unnerve and make stomachs queasy, with psychological horror as well as jump scares to try to terrify you.

Keep on the lookout for Doorways.




Official Site –


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