Lupo Official Update

Hi there everyone, I haven’t posted an official update in a while, so here it is.

If you’d like to post any thoughts, comments, suggestions or such, don’t hesitate to post one below.

-Site Updates-

– Titles section now had two groups; one is web games where all browser based games are found here as well as another group where all the Eye titles are grouped.

– The Eye section now has a top 5 recent updates section so as to inform easily and quickly the 5 games with the most recent updates.

– An RSS feed is now present.

– Community now also features games being worked on currently (such as Vesper.5)

Planned Updates

– To possibly add sections for galleries, guides and walkthroughs and a page dedicated to daily updates.

– Add a new feature to the site.

– The retro week dedicated to a game is being worked on for the end of this month, beginning of May, though in all likelihood it will take place next month.


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