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Montas is an upcoming horror game being developed by Organic Humans and puts us into the role of Joseph Walker, an accountant who is plagued suddenly by memories he’s never experienced as well as paranoia and hallucinations, bringing him to alcoholism. The game begins when police start questioning locals due to a recent string of murders. Can Joseph figure out what is happening to him as well as the city of Montas?


Latest News

What We Know

– Walrus, a well known street artist, will be giving Montas developers art, which will then be put into the game as street art, which the developers feel really lack in most games, besides a tag or two.

Ongoing Commentary

After watching the first trailer, I had a strange feeling. I felt as If I was watching some sort of Silent Hill game, so similar yet its own voice of music was playing over the video, the situations as well as the feel of the world and the monsters reminded me of the game as well as the gameplay trailer reminding me of Jacob’s Ladder.

So what is Montas? A typical victim of Amnesia, Joseph’s life has gone to hell before the game begins and we’ll be continuing this journey of his, with little introduction it seems, as we venture through vast underground labyrinths, stations as well as numerous others ranging from bright to dark to real to imaginary, one of the main focuses on the game is to create its own horror tense atmosphere that will define it from other horror games out there. So while not a sandbox game in the strictest sense of the word, you’ll still have some freedom and ability to use the world around you.

With no HUD to help you as you explore and discover secrets of Montas, though one interesting aspect if you constantly die, the game alters its story and direction of gameplay which I’d like to see in action. What there probably won’t be action of is gameplay as Montas will have you take on a run and hide approach as well as using your environment (unless it’s trying to get you) to your advantage.

I enjoyed looking at the gameplay trailer specifically the Jacob’s Ladder like train sequence, with movements in the darkness, lights which explode if you move and as the train pulled away, the movement was a person simply placed right before the carriage. It’s these moments that are great horror material and though we haven’t got much of a look at the enemies present in the game.

I have high hopes that the designs are great and stand out, just as the case was with the older Silent Hill games, though the fact that you’ll play in environments with sunlight, is a welcome fresh of breath air from the countless, though good, but ultimately repetitive horror games where barely any light is present and taking place in an isolated location.

The only thing that seems to be missing is a lack of interaction with the environments items, which in most horror indie games you can interact with just about all of them in one way or another, so if we get more info on this, it’ll make the world feel more immersive and I’m sure offer more gaming opportunities.


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