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Ghostship (2013)

Ghostship Cover

Ghostship is a game that is being worked on by one person only (!) Shaun Williams, who is working on a sci-fi horror and your aim is to escape the spaceship in one of seven ways possible.

Latest News

– Donations are currently being accepted to push the game’s development further as the Alpha Stage is planned for the 25/04/2013. Link is this one to start support.

Ongoing Commentary

Recently we’ve started to see more and more indie games coming out where the game world, attention to detail and mechanics are so great, that your left stunned when you discover it was all down to the hand of one person. Ghostship is a game such as those ones, with Shaun Williams having  created a game that is a first person horror shooter, as you try to escape your ship and survive the return to the Colony base.

So the game will play and feel like the Doom series, with guns to protect yourself as you move around the 80’s style spaceship to enjoy in all its glory, switching from first person to third whichever one suits you best. You’ll be playing Zak Thomas, who after a three day patrol returns to the mothership to discover something has happened. From then on your mission is to escape the ship, which is divided into three zones further divided into levels which are the different areas of the ship, and retreat to either a space station or a colony.

Now the weapons we’ll be using are obviously futuristic and moving away from the norm, you can carry more than two weapons at a time, which range from melee weapons to plasma guns, shotguns, rifles, pistols and many more which are sure to be unique and add to the gameplay. These will be needed to fend off the variety of the ‘nasties’ you’ll encounter as you free roam around the ship, which will be possible once the first scripted part of the game to turn off the lockdown and reach the bridge.

In addition to the single player mode, players will be able to keep replaying the game in the Onslaught mode. This is basically a mode where you’ll have to fend off wave after wave of enemies, unlocking stronger weapons the longer you can withstand the enemy. It’s great to see an indie game such as this one push themselves even further and provide a mode which will inevitably be fun to play and compare our results with our friends.

Now watching the videos only got me more pumped for this release, as the sound design and world are great to hear and watch, as warnings ring through the ship randomly, aliens lurk in the shadows and the effects do a good job of making you feel hunted and alone in a dark, dangerous setting. The animations and graphics seemed quite impressive as enemies collapse realistically and the gun seems to be not too overpowered, meaning you’ll have to be wary with how many bullets you use on enemies.

Ghostship is coming for PC and Mac and eventually if the respone is positive enough, also aiming to arrive onto the Playstation and Xbox platforms. Me, I’m just waiting for the quickest release date to play Ghostship.

Official Site –

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