Bwak Review

Bwak 01

With this short message begins Bwak, a recently released short game created by the Netherlands development team, Meh Games. A game that centers around our protagonist, a chicken sitting in his chair waiting to flick channels but this chicken has a weak heart and a heart will pump to the right of the screen, increasing beat rate and decreasing depending on the situation. Your aim is to fend off the enemies which appear from your T.V screen while keeping a steady heart rate or face death.

And this is Bwak summed up. You’ll only use the Z button as you flick through channels, each depicting something different whether it be a boat, wheel, rubix cube, house, eyes, chessboard you have to keep flicking through, with each channel changed earning you a point. But every so often the room will darken, audio and video distort as an entity breaks out from the screen. This is when you have to flick the channel quickly, keeping your heart rate in check.

Bwak 03

It ain’t easy being a chicken.

So while there isn’t a whole lot to go on with this game, besides trying to score the highest amount of points, using combos such as flicking too fast or ‘escaping’ an enemy well, which you can send to the leaderboards, Bwak is a short yet hilarious and unique experience which if your into these kind of games or are looking for a few minutes to kill, try Bwak.

Bwak 02

KFC anyone?


Pros – Hilarious, strange and unique, high score system, potentially addictive.

Cons – A short game, replay value limited.

Final Words

Bwak is a strange yet quite fun little title. Whether it wants to spread a message by stating today’s society are all like chickens glued to the TV screen, flicking through channels wasting our time until we find the next thrill or…it’s just the story of a couch potato chicken just trying to find a good show to watch. Bwak could easily expand and add more to its game, for this is the kind of games that sell well on handhelds or phones. Anyway, an enjoyable but short experience which after you’ve played and experienced it once or twice, you really won’t find any need to return.


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