Slender: The Arrival Original Soundtrack

This is the original soundtrack to Slender: The Arrival.

Slender OST Cover

  1. Slender (2:05)Plays on main menu.
  2. Ponder (0:30) – Plays during first cutscene before game begins.
  3. No Friends (2:35)Plays during Prologue on way to Kate’s house.
  4. Tainted (0:48) – Plays upon entering Kate’s room.
  5. Shadowed (2:24)  – Plays once you start collecting the Pages.
  6. Distance (1:00) – Plays upon approaching the mining area.
  7. Conceal (2:00)Plays after you start the first of the generators.
  8. Isolate (2:46) – Plays at the start of Flashback stage.
  9. Suspended (1:00)Plays during the flashback.
  10. Constricted (1:07) – Plays during flashback when you must retreat to Kate’s bedroom.
  11. Within Sight (1:44)Plays at the start of The Arrival level.
  12. Flicker (2:25) – Plays during the burning forest and pursuit.
  13. Corrupted (0:55)Plays when you find yourself in the Tower building.
  14. Responsible (2:01) – Plays during last scene or the credits.

One thought on “Slender: The Arrival Original Soundtrack

  1. What about the track where there’s a low, satanic-like hymn as you read the letter next to the tv before the flashback? (On the PS4 version)

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