Slender: The Arrival Walkthrough

This is Lupo’s Official Slender: The Arrival Walkthrough. This Walkthrough should be used along with the Guide if you are also planning to find all the collectibles for your scrapbook. Enjoy!

Slender Arrival WT Cover




Welcome to Slender: The Arrival. The game begins on a bright day and we have to track down towards our destination. Now this serves as setting up the game and introducing you to the basic mechanics and controls of the game. Also fear not, for the ominous character is barely present during this level, indeed you may not even encounter him, so you can rest your heart until the next area. Now follow the trail down until you reach the house.

Slender The Arrival WT 01

So our journey begins, was the tree already there, did it fall as we approached? Whatever the case I think I can answer the question with one word…Slender.

You’ll have realised by now it’s gotten dark so go inside the house and close the door behind you (the door mechanic isn’t great yet you may want to get a hold of it all now.

Slender The Arrival WT 08

Why do people in horror games buy the houses that look so damn scary during the night time?

Now the location of the flashlight is randomized but is normally found on the first floor, also normally besides a dead phone.

Slender The Arrival WT 06

Thank god for flashlights!

Now you’ll want to get into Kate’s room, so go upstairs only to find it’s locked. Now go into the room on the top floor that looks like a parents room where you’ll find them.

Slender The Arrival WT 07

Also keys, can you imagine a world without them?

Now go to open Kate’s room.

Slender The Arrival WT 05

The effects of being pursued by Slender. Making people draw on sheets of paper and stick them onto their walls.

It seems Kate has seemingly lost her mind. It seems the window has also been smashed and you’ll see on the wall Kate has drawn the tower that is off in the distance and it seems Slender Man can’t get near and is a safe haven.

Slender The Arrival WT 03

The tower it is.

Now go to the desk and pick up the note that says ‘To The Woods’.

Slender The Arrival WT 02

I once knew a person who went to the woods once during the night time looking for eight…oh, wait a minute…oh hell no.

Now leave the house and go to the back of the house where the scream came from and through the fence to begin the next stage.

Slender The Arrival WT 04

Why do I know this is a bad idea?


Now this stage is basically the eight pages area from the last game, revamped with new landmarks and a much more terrifying forest. Now just like in the past eight pages, you are tasked to retrieve 8 pages from 8 of a possible 10 landmarks. These are random, as well as where the note can be found within or on them, so be wary. Now Slender Man will pursue you during this stage, with every more page found he will hunt you down with much more ferocity and he can teleport, wanting to block you so you can’t escape. Save your sprint for only when you see Slender and don’t lose yourself in your surroundings.

Now as for the eight pages, there is a map in the game which is the same one below. Now what I think you’ll want to do try to get an understanding of the forest area, recognising landmarks and how the layout of the forest is. Additionally due to the darkness of the forest, landmarks can be sighted quite a distance away, helping guide the player along.

Slender The Arrival WT 10

The best tactic, personally, is from wherever you begin,stick with following the outer path around the map, until you go a full circle around the map returning to your starting position, then go for the inner rings. Or find the Storage Yard or the Visitor Center first to find the pages, as especially for the latter, it is a nightmare trying to recover the last page in this location.

What more can I say, seeing as everything is randomized during this stage, besides follow the map, don’t let Slender divert you and remember the locations you’ve already visited so you don’t waste time in the later stages. Use this list for help when collecting the pages;

  1. Oakside Park Map
  2. Canoe (also the tree it is resting on)
  3. Storage Yard (can also be covered or uncovered)
  4. Visitors Center
  5. The Portable Bathroom
  6. Tent
  7. Abandoned Humvee
  8. Abandoned Car
  9. Watch Tower
  10. Water Tower

Once you have found all the pages, the music will drop dead and a cutscene will follow eventually leading Into The Abyss.

Slender The Arrival WT 11

Everything should be alright now that I’ve got all 8 pages right, right?


This chapter begins and it’s daylight once again. Now you’ll see a road and the entrance to the mining where the next stage of Slender: The Arrival takes us.

Breathtaking views and calm right before the storm, or two in this case.

Breathtaking views and calm right before the storm, or two in this case.

Now the next area is potentially the most difficult and longest part of the game. Now somehow by the biggest stroke of luck ever playing a horror game, I was able to complete this in one run on my first playthrough. It’s very unlikely I could go through it all again without seeing the game over screen. This is due to two pursuers now besides Slender who will hunt you down while you try to power up six generators around the mining area in enable to power the lift that will bring you that much closer to the radio tower.

You lied! Six Generators! Slender Man you can go right on and f..

You lied! Six Generators! Slender Man you can go right on and f..

Now while Slender Man will try to hunt you down just as he did last stage, there is the addition of a second antagonist, The Proxy. The Proxy will appear after activating the second generator and unlike Slender, The Proxy will chase you down until it reaches you and stuns you so while you have another chance to progress, there is only a set amount of times The Proxy will stun you before killing you. Now seeing as The Proxy will actively pursue you, you have to try to find ways to lose yourself by cutting corner and running as far away as you can. Also using your flashlight is a great way to paralyse The Proxy though be wary for the light doesn’t work from too close or too far a range so take care.

So what can I suggest you do during this stage? If you’ll have luck on your side, you’ll encounter the generators as you walk around the mining area, though I suggest you take an approach similar to the Eight Pages stage, where you go in one direction and check throughly each area, this way you keep moving in one direction and even if you must make a wild dash for safety, your surroundings will be very familiar to you.

Slender The Arrival WT 15

I swear this is the last time I collect or activate x amount of any items ever again, you hear me?

Once you have activated all 6 generators, return to the first area and turn on the lift, which will raise you up as The Proxy makes one last attempt to capture you.

Slender The Arrival WT 14

Oh £%$%& oh &£&£ oh @!%$!!

Slender The Arrival WT 16

I wasn’t worried, not for one moment.

It’ll have to be for another day.


Once you’ve managed to escape the mining area you’ll find yourself in a tunnel of sorts. Now after the two horrific stages this is a small break and not fast paces as well as providing some answers and clues to understanding the story.

Slender The Arrival WT 17

Get the hell out of there and follow the trail as it leads across this valley, the tower so near now it’s unbearable.

Slender The Arrival WT 18

Now keep following the trail as it goes downwards following the flare through a small cavern like area until you see a small building.

Slender The Arrival WT 19

Now enter the building and you’ll see that there is a TV, with a recording in waiting to play. Hit play and you’ll see Kate, your friend, who is laying on her bed during the night when something grabs her attention. This is where the camera angle shifts and you are now in control of Kate and you’ll find yourself back in the house you were in during the Prologue.

Slender The Arrival WT 20

Now this is near the end of her breakdown and indeed she tells you that he is close and coming. Once again we have to close windows or doors, eight of them, in an attempt to keep Slender out. There’s a window to close in her room and the downstairs doors have been left open.

Slender The Arrival WT 21

Either way once you get to around 5 out of 8, Slender Man will appear in the house and the prompt to run and hide in your room will appear. Do so and get to your room. Unfortunately for Kate this doesn’t help much and the stage ends with her jumping out of the window and supposedly heading to the forest, tying up one clue to the story.

Slender The Arrival WT 22

Yet it’s far from over.


The final chapter of Slender: The Arrival. After the flashback stage, exit the room and follow the path which will lead you into some caves.

Slender Arrival 09

Keep going on as the cave is full of the ramblings of Kate until, close to the it, your screen should have a shade of red and leaving the caverns reveals that the entire forest is on fire.

Slender Arrival 10

Now this diverts from the rest of the game as you’ll have to sprint towards the tower, avoiding the fire that may stop you in your path and Slender, who with his tentacles is determined to capture you.

Slender Arrival 08

Just keep running towards the tower avoiding to catch fire and you’ll see a building, running through its doors will keep Slender banging the door furiosly and safety, for now.

Slender Arrival 07

Grab the key on top the boxes, cover your ears and quickly make your way down the corridors following the light (your torch has conveniently died..) until you reach a chilling room and message.

Slender Arrival 06

Move close to the corpse and once you have play the recording besdie him. The recording will end, just as your camera battery is about to and there is no escape now!

I hope you enjoy your playthrough of Slender: The Arrival!

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