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Memory Of A Broken Dimension (TBA)

Memory Broken Dimension Cover

Memory Of A Broken Dimension is a unique and intriguing game set in two worlds. One of them is the system code which you’ll have to crack and use the correct commands to enter a second world of strange shapes, glitched and strangely calming in a first person perspective to explore.


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A game that has us use command lines of a system known only as Relics, Memory is a strange game from the beginning as we’re shown a whole bunch of code and this is where one half of the game comes into play. The music is tense, indeed throughout the game it is one of its strongest points and the code will glitch, characters changing and words being morphed, static and the occasional beeps of any computing system. Now I don’t know whether there will be more hints on how to move onward for all those less used to programming but entering Dir enabled to access the directory.

Now there are three more options to crack the code and by typing in REMOTE, VOIDSCAN and DIVE we break the code and we reach the second half of the game, the world of the system. Now before I leave behind the code part of the game, I’d like to state how even though I used these options to progress, that the computer code part of the game is essential and it seems there are so many parts in the system you can crack which you’ll have to discover and small other little incidents.

For instance, if you type in words or such Relics doesn’t recognise, it’ll simply state command unknown before words slowly change revealing strange messages. Indeed the REMOTE prompt told us that satellites were being refreshed. It’s a mysterious setting and your left to wonder what and where this could be taking place and what context, bringing a sense of mystery and unease. I think that a lot of the fun could come from trying to find ways to get deeper into the system, though this would need some sort of guide or hints at least to understand the system itself. One amusing fact was when I typed in HELLO the system gave me the message ‘NO REPLY’. What more is there to discover?

Now moving onto the first person part the game, a fragmented dark coloured world,  where you have to stand by the lines with squares and face where they’re pointing to fix part of the worlds, this way enabling you to walk on a bridge and explore the different sectors. The world brings a slight sense of unease and you’ll be confused and amazed at the world that Memory brings to you. I wish I could explain more clearly just want kind of experience you get playing Memory but due to how unique, different and the mood it manages to create are so original, there aren’t any so I suggest you try it to fully understand what game you’d be getting with Memory.

This is clearly a game for a special and specific audience, for I doubt many will enjoy a full version due to its uniqueness. Nevertheless you should give it a try to see if you like it and for all those fans of platform, puzzles and code breaking as well as mystery, keep an eye out for Memory Of A Broken Dimension.


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