Chivalry: Medieval Warfare Game Modes


If any of you readers have decided that you already want to purchase the game and are just here for some additional info, my first suggestion to you is do the training before you dive into the harsh reality that is the multiplayer world. The training course is composed of five elements. The first what you could call basic combat training. You will learn how to block attacks, how to attack and you will have the pleasure to experience some of the little AI script. Which i personally think is of much amusement.

The Second stage is the more advanced combat training. Here you will see the different types of attacks that are available to you in the battlefield. Sadly Chivalry does not throw a huge range of attacking variety our way. You have the ability to stab, slash and swipe. Even though you can select different classes, the most difference you can really make to your combat and play style is in gaining new weapons (Even these are limited to a maximum of two ulterior upgrades to the base weapon).

The third Element the training section of the game is class training. Here you can basically test out the different classes and you will see the variation between them, even if it is not a lot, and you can give yourself a basic idea of what class suits you better. I have to say that i believe it was not necessary to add this element. Even though it may give you a “heads-up” in regards of what to expect from each class, you will most probably find yourself changing class several times depending on the game type and the given circumstances. For example it could be a poor choice to choose the archer in duel mode, there’s nothing more terrifying and frustrating than only having a bow and short sword in your garrison as a knight chases you around with a war-hammer and Tower Shield!

For our fourth stage to the training course we have the siege training. The game offers a number of game modes and situations where the use of a siege weapon is necessary (Battering ram in Team Objective). This part of the training course can be amusing in the view that you get to test out the siege weapons without having to worry about someone shoving a two meter sword…well anywhere.

Finally, the fifth part. This is not a part of the course itself, it is simply the choice to jump into the online mode and start playing multiplayer. Once you find yourself here, you simply choose whether you want to go over the training again or start playing the game in its intended way. If you are having mixed thoughts, have no fear. The training mode can be accessed at any point in the game, in fact when you open the game it will be directly on the main menu page.

A side note for those who may be curious. At a certain point you will be confronted by members of the ‘Mason Order’. They will demand you to join their cause, giving you the choice to accept or refuse. If you refuse you will have to fight the two men, on top of this you will be confronted once again later in the course. This part of the game will have no significant effect on the rest of the game. due to the fact that there is no sort of fixture on sides or otherwise, you will be able to choose what side or team to fight on at the beginning of each game.

The training course is nothing too exciting at all, so don’t expect anything more than a simple introduction to the game. However it is a pleasure to hear the witty banter of the AI and definitely useful before indulging fully in the game. I hope you don’t get to frustrated at the training mode like i did and i hope you’re not equally as frustrated when the first few games don’t go anywhere near as you expected, the game is definitely worth all the moments of anger and fear of being part of humiliating kill montage.


Team Objective:

Out of the different game modes that Chivalry: Medieval Warfare offers, Team Objective is definitely my favorite so far. It is always conducted in the same fashion and in my opinion, depicts war conduct quite accurately. Obviously there is the key aspect to it, which is that the players split into two teams. One team defending and the other attacking.

The first objective that you will have is to kill the peasants and burn the village. Now you can look at this in two ways. There is the one view that this part is absolutely hilarious, the second is that it’s quite a cruel and immoral jest. Guess which one I chose. Either way the objective is to kill these unarmed peasants, who are more like headless chickens. Running around in circles, hawking at the top of their voices…until you bury a fifty kilogram hammer into their head. But beware, the opposing team of course, will be defending the villagers. Do not suffer my same shame of joyfully and mindlessly killing AI peasants to then be decapitated from behind with a butter knife.

Once you have finished your brutal and merciless pillaging its time to move on to something a little more challenging. The second objective, is to break down the castle gates, as much as it may sound like the whole game mode is attacking defenseless enemies, however do not be fooled just as it is with the first objective, you will have other players taking advantage of your distraction as you desperately attempt to push the battering ram to try and get you from behind, there will be archers on the wall, flooding you with unexpected arrows. Oh! and how can we forget the wonderful burning oil that can be cast onto your peacefully gate ramming head.

Finally, the last objective. Here you will either need to kill or defend the King. Can you picture anything more savage than sixteen men against sixteen men, and one poor man who is on the defending team. His name is the King and he sir, is screwed! Luckily he is also and AI. Of course he does not die like everyone else either, his health is a lot bigger. But you will see how long he lasts with sixteen people shooting, slashing and smashing at him.

That summarizes another one of Chivalry’s fun game play modes. The only criticism I can give is that of course it can be repetitive. So don’t do five team objectives all one after another or you will be serious bored of the structure. However it is the most realistic mode if you are looking for a real Battle field or War like mode to play on.

Team Death Match:

Team death match is exactly what you would expect it to be. All the participating players are divided into the two factions, Agatha knights or the mason order, and they all have to work together to make more points than the opposite team. This particular game mode has no strategy to it. Where as in Team objective, communication can be useful, in team death match it is really just sticking with your own team and having the skill not to die in the main battlefield.

The only interesting thing i can say about this mode is that each map has its particular paths and routes to sneak up on your enemies. If you avoid diving into the big battles you are more likely to fight other people doing the same, one on one or come up behind the main force of the other team and get them at their backs! If it is big, brutal and limb hacking battles you seek then the main battle is your place, just don’t expect a perfect K/D ratio.

Capture The Flag

In this mode there are no tricks or hints i can give you. You need to be good. The winner is the first team to capture and secure the flag three times. Killing the flag bearer is like trying to catch the golden snitch. Either you chase it for hours until one of you gets tired or you somehow, accidentally fly off your Nimbus 2000 and swallow it. One of those options is less likely to happen. Either way i think the point is made that the flag bearer is heavily guarded and where the Golden snitch has its speed the flag bearer has a whole team following him.

This game mode is amongst my least favorite because it can be tedious and hard to actually accomplish the objective. However it is a fun distraction from Free for all’s and Team Death Match’s.

King Of The Hill

King of the Hill involves hoarding a particular space on the map. A target location is set and the teams compete the hold that position. You win by holding the position for the full time needed to win it, which is visible in game. This mode can be fun, but remember it is chaotic! All the players are bunched up in one spot trying to push the enemy players away and kill as many as possible to gain the hold on the position. This game mode causes a lot of team kills. You will be hacking away happy as ever but you may not notice that you have diced up your team mate behind you.

If you kill someone too much they might just take a grudge on you and make it their sole objective to kill you and ruin your game…

Last Team Standing

In this mode you will have no respawns  So if you go into and die, be ready to quit. Especially if you die at the beginning of the game. It has happened to me more times than I have patience for by now. It can take a long time the entirety of the other team to collapse so if you are amongst the first three to die, quit!

Again this is another mode that you should only play if you are quiet experienced for you only get one chance. You do not lose anything if you die, except your pride.

Free For All

Free for all! no seriously, it is literally everyone vs everyone.


This is literally the ultimate test of your skill. You go one on one, Mono v Mono. They are composed of rounds of three. Duels are always fun, unless you are on a losing streak. But more to the point you get the chance to try out all the cool moves and stuff that you always dream of doing in Team games but never manage to because you get kill robbed.

The maps for duel are also really cool. They are never particularly spacious in order to stop players from distancing themselves to much. Luckily it has been made this way to stop people avoiding fights.

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