Chivalry: Medieval Warfare Review

Death has never come across better!


We have all seen the films, where the knight in shining armour charges through his enemies and blows them away majestically. However the people at Torn Banner Studios were obviously bored of this fantastical cliché and decided to show us the more realistic side to a medieval battle.

In Chivalry: Medieval Warfare, you have the absolute joy and pleasure to run around a battlefield with a war-hammer  swinging frantically at your enemies and occasionally hitting them! And when you make a hit, it’s definitely satisfying to say the least.

Snuggle bunnies

I came across this game while watching a video by Husky, a well-known broadcaster on YouTube, and he was playing a free for all with some other broadcasters and, the first thing that struck me about the game, was the intense violence. I mean who wouldn’t be shocked at witnessing a person virtually chop off someones arms to finish them off, with what seemed like a more than average painful beheading and a classy showcase of tea bagging.

Don’t be mistaken though, this game is not simply hack and smash at your enemy and hope for the best. The game is well calibrated so that you actually have properly hit someone to kill them, resulting injuries are incredibly realistic. Have you ever played a game, where the combat just doesn’t add up? Lets take an example. Say you swung a hammer at someone’s head (In a game, please don’t do this in real life!) and their body exploded into pieces…it would make no sense!

Luckily for us though, the people at Torn Banner Studios have done a tip-top job.  No matter how much you try to spot a glitch it will always create the exact effect you would expect. A downward slash on someones right arm, will remove it.

A fair fight!

Now I am sure I have made my point regarding the beauty of the combat system in this game, so i shall move on. The game has a sufficient number of five game modes including, Training, Free for all, Team Death match, Team Objective and Duel. However i cannot say that I wasn’t disappointed to find that there was no campaign. I can’t help but think that a lot of successful games, that stay around, have story modes. Story modes create the relationship between the player, and what is inside the game. A good television show, for example, is not made up entirely of special effects and costumes. The actors have the job of engaging the audience and making them want to watch more. I believe the same concept can be applied to video games and that a story mode is what maintains a long-term interest in a game amongst passionate gamers.

However I would also say that it is not an essential element to making a good and successful game. In my opinion, if Torn Banner Studios were to simply release patches that bring new elements and variety to the game, interest can be quickly and efficiently rekindled.

But a warning to those of us who aren’t quite so passionate about the spending side to our hobbies. There is a risk of DLC’s. Now being an Indie based studio, as it stands, it is possible that this will not happen or that the DLC’s will be free. Lets hope so because although the game is cheap now,  $24.99 (£16,41), additional future costs could be off-putting.

But Srsly, They Should Add Moar Dlc

The final touch or tip i would send over to the studio, is the potential for a PVE mode. Obviously the whole game is a gigantic PVP. Which we accept and love for the time being, but we can’t deny that a PVE mode for you and your friends to play as a team would be cool. All good MMO’s have had their PVE specialties. How can we turn a blind eye on all the good memories and moments that have come out of  World of Warcraft’s dungeon system?



Perhaps all my tips and suggestions will be ignored and thrown to the wind, but i am happy to have expressed them and hope some of you can relate. I personally think the game is absolutely awesome, the graphics standards are extremely high. We are given some aims and objectives as you can unlock new weapons by getting kills with the weapons that precede it. My two final points that i shall ‘Enlighten’ you with are firstly, you are limited to a number of four Classes. All the classes are unique and fun to play, However seeing as the game only offers you online modes, perhaps the number of classes could be increased. Even a class leveling system that is a bit more involving that simple weapon upgrades may be interesting. Finally the saddest bit of news but the most expected, is the presence of hackers. All though i have not personally had terrible experiences in this field, the threat is ever-present in the game and you may end up leaving a game or two in rage when someone comes around and does a triple decapitation to you and all of your pathetic normal playing companions.


– If you are interested in the game, you can go watch the videos on YouTube  or just buy the game directly from Torn Banner studios websites or go to one of the Steam, Gamestop or Gamersgate websites to get your digital copy.


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