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Thanatophobia is an upcoming game created by the independent studio Death Knell Games, a team originally from London but now boasting members from England and Sweden, the game puts us into the role of  ex-detective, Sam Dehevan and two their characters across two episodes in a thrilling survival horror with puzzle solving and storytelling.


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Announced in 2011, Thanatophobia is an upcoming survival horror game with three stories told through the perspectives of three different characters. These will feel like standalone games and less than pieces to an overall package, with each holding their own self contained story.

This takes place in what the developers promise to be an immersive and atmospheric world, where they want to go back to the old school style of horror with less emphasis on action and more puzzle and storytelling, solving riddles while also fighting strange enemies that draw life from the very fears of the protagonists.

The first story and protagonist is Samuel Dahevan, an ex-police officer who engages in a personal battle with on the loose child killer, the Bear. The story takes place with Samuel’s life having spiraled to rock bottom after the Bear’s increasingly violent kidnappings and failed investigation, leading him to a life of alcohol and drug abuse. One fateful rainy day when he finds himself inside an abandoned family apartment which is strangely familiar, could Samuel be closer to solving the crime after having been led here by the Bear himself.

Samuel finds a fresh corpse besides recordings from which he can only understand a few words though they bear much meaning and Samuel from then ventures deeper into the house, to try to solve the biggest case of his life. Indeed the atmosphere will rely less on shock and jump scares and more on lasting tension and psychological horror.

The environments all have that dark feel to them and tey look fresh and great to look at.

The environments all have that dark feel to them and they look fresh and great to look at.

So this is what we know for now on the first episode. The game will be in a third person mode and along the way in the game you’ll be able to have your own custom interface, dialogue sequences as well as a few combat moments and of course puzzle solving.

Thanataphobia is currently being polished in its alpha stage and stay tuned as more news from its development is being updated.


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